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No wonder, as he a.) is awesome and b.) worked with Chasz Jankel, whom I also love. CansaFis just gifted me (because he is THE BEST) with the excellent LP “Lord Upminster” Dury & Jankel made with SLY AND ROBBIE. Pretty amazing, it’s being played on repeat as I make lunch up in here.

Coming soon to a babe cave near you:

hit me with your rhythm stick

I can’t find the youtube vids I want for the songs I’m diggin today but here’s a little of THIS to tide you over until I do.

ps- there’s some interesting reading about Mr. Dury on his Wiki Page–and if you see this record out and about, snatch it up.


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By way of Wikipedia —

Researching the movie “Soup For One

led me to one of my favorite nerdy sister bands, The Roches — (because Suzzy had a cameo in the film?)

which led me to Phoebe Snow who apparently covered their “The Married Men,” and parlayed it into a “hit.”

She and Linda Ronstadt covered it together on Saturday Night Live in 1979.

here is theĀ  1 2 3 4 route I took down the wiki highway to find out about the soundtrack for Soup for One and ended up learning that Suzzy Roche had a baby with Loudon Wainwright III. And this was my first introduction to loving The Roches.

Now I’m off to make a bird feeder for the garden. Happy Tueselday, y’all. xo

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