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Ok, this is seriously turning into epic-ness. We now have a Wayne, a Garth (moi), a Rob Lowe, a Terry, a Stacy, and possibly a few Cassandras. I’m on the red rope licorice hunt today—serious fun going down tomorrow night in Laszlo when Pretty City rolls out the Waynes World carpet. Maximum shwing. AND – – how perfect is it that the Saturday before our party, Wayne & Garth reunited on Saturday Night Live?

Check it out here>>>>

and one more little treat here:


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One, my pal Jonny One-Time is back in action making tings—most recent is this rad little number. Video + Song by One-Time


Two: the Pretty City crew is throwin’ a Wayne’s World themed eve at Laszlo on February 8th.














There will be costumes, and there WILL be giant licorice ropes. You will be ours, oh yes, you will be ours.

Thirdly, if you are a facebrookerer: here’s a link to the all lady fronted warehouse party I’ll be spinning at on Feb. 4. Also, a link to my new professional sports team.

xo DTM

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