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Ok, this is seriously turning into epic-ness. We now have a Wayne, a Garth (moi), a Rob Lowe, a Terry, a Stacy, and possibly a few Cassandras. I’m on the red rope licorice hunt today—serious fun going down tomorrow night in Laszlo when Pretty City rolls out the Waynes World carpet. Maximum shwing. AND – – how perfect is it that the Saturday before our party, Wayne & Garth reunited on Saturday Night Live?

Check it out here>>>>

and one more little treat here:


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We just met today! Radical——–

Turn it UP!

Always searching! Always searching! For the destination! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m gunna get there!

Thank you, Toyah.  And happy afternoon, ya’ll. Enjoy that rain yesterday? Feel that tropical air today? Welcome to San Francisco’s secret summer. Best time of the year, far as I’m concerned.

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ceiling close-upWe are conceived in sound
we grow
and emerge in its wake.
Our history is a collection
of sound sensations,
experiences, emotions
All uniting into an aural identity.
It is this ocean
of recollections, sound images,
dreams, memories
We share.
– Stan Shaff, Composer, The Audium
Hey ya’ll, if you live in the Bay Area you should probably check out The Audium over in the Ol’ Tenderloin. I went last night and it is a pretty unique experience, unlike anything I’ve been to. Stan Shaff has been composing “sound sculptures” since the 1950’s and built a super-sweet 169-speaker theatre called the Audium to perform them in. He still gives performances twice a week (Friday & Saturday evenings at 8:30 sharp), and you will kick yourself if you miss it. That’s all I’m gonna say, but here’s an article from Ping Magazine about it (where I also got the photos). Go!

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