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and you never know what will happen when she’s around.

my mom’s the best

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My Mom is Ruling It Hard.

Check her out if you don’t believe me:


This is her on a four-wheeler jamming hard————————^

and THIS, down here is her in Maui, where she tried surfing and didn’t quit until she GOT UP. She surfed two waves, even. RADNICAL. ———————————v
surfer mom

I’ve never even tried to surf but this lady is inspiring me to try, as well as neat new friends such as the ruling hard Jasmin Lim who has organized a show (feat.Keegan McHargue, Hana Lee, and others) you should see at Painted Bird and is a body surfer (side note: if you haven’t yet, please check out Dear & Yonder, a surf movie by Tiffany Campbell & Andria Lessler).

Cleaning out the rekkids, found this one from my childhood that I love and coincidentally to this post, reminds me of my MOMMA. Glad you’re having a great vacay, Ma!

and now: The Judds, performing Why Not Me:

let’s do this one too, shall we?


GOOD WORK LADIES! Have a great Tuesday!

love, Don’t Tell Mom (cuz she already KNOWS)

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