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Our Ethiopian cabbie gave us a great cab ride across Oakland the other night, playing a mix-tape he’d made for his evening. After a long walk, a lovely dinner, and a bottle of wine, it was the perfect end to a perfect eve.

(Sorry about the wind there towards the end)

6_4_10 11_12 PM

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All in one vid, courtest of DJ Panos. Thank you sir, for the funky youtube mix. Enjoy.

p.s. show u a pic of what i’m working on in a second…

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dance gems of the day, courtesy of friday frennnnnnnz & me tooooooooo




(Mr. Russell)

OH YEHHHHHHHHSSS Friday, I luv the sounda your grooooove. Thanks frennnns!

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on the street, a mixtape with the words “Newton – Hope You Enjoy It” written in ballpoint pen (dated 6.93)

and, moments later THIS fly costume hanging in a tree, no one around, 10:45 at night:

Photo 2568


Photo 2569

first song singing something about a “voodoo storm,” and “i was hijacked by a big cat stretchin, a big cat stretchin, i was hijacked by a big cat purrin, a big cat purrin, and the big cat thought it was havin a cat nap but awwhhh naaaw it was a hijacks…”

WTF #2!

oh amazing world, thanks. blessed by oddness. xx

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