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Oh hi. I know, I know. I dropped the ball a minute in the blog world, but sometimes stepping away from the computer is necessary. In the meantime I collected more more more records, planted a garden (well, RE-planted some of it—damn snails!), and went to Nebraska to visit the fam. I forget just how big the sky can get sometimes:

Now, my loves, I am back. I am ready to jam and dance and play with you again. Last night was a lot of fun at Ye Olde Missouri Lounge, I hope you had a good time too. My favorite jam of the evening? Perhaps it was Atlantic Starr’s “Sexy Dancer,” which I can’t find on youtube but if you go here, you can click the top link and listen to it. Unh! It’s so good! I was also a big fan of this particular jam, and especially of watching everyone slowly get on board with me after a minute or two.

Oh yes. I may have been absent a minute, but we know there’s always tomorrow. We be jammin! We be jammin!

ok. back to the garden. xox

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could be this lady with her 45s                       and this lady with her 12″s

will be combining over at the MISSOURI LOUNGE tomorrow evening (10pm-2am) for LADIES NIGHT, then AGAIN for HAPPY HOUR(s) on Friday! WHA?? Get ready, Missy Lounge, you about to be ladied up. And I know that news makes the ladies go


DJs Decent Miracle & Don’t Tell Mom will be looking forward to seeing your feets movin to the beats. Thursday 10-2, Friday 6-10. Missouri Lounge, East Bay styles. xox

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oh man remember Nelly?

looks like he’s tryin to do a little LL Cool J phase, but more 80’s somehow than the 80’s. whaaa?  It’s kind of like if that and Luther Vandross made love to Bone Thugs N Harmony and made this song:

*note the sexy beenie-on doin-it sesh, the obligatory bling flash, the talking breakdown.


How’s your Tuesday? I’m MOOOOOOOVIN/Packin.

DJing a set this FRIDAY at the Missouri Lounge over in Oakland, ya’ll. My first EVER. Happy Hour. Come make it hahahhappy with me, will you? Then maybe I can get a regular night gig there, coverin for a little bit while Mr. Golden Gram is out touring with his band Port O’Brien.


p.s. i’m slowly putting up my NOLA trip photos HERE

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