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Last night was my first 1st Tuesday over at the Layover—right after comedy night. It’s looking like 1+3 Tuesdays are gonna be funny AND dancy, thanks so much to everyone who came out last night. Come visit me there again in two weeks! First song of the night:

The boys and I (two bar fellows and one doorman) are lookin for a name for our night>>give a shout if you have an idea.

Apparently things got crazier on the dance floor than I realized. Leave the taco eating for the taqueria, madame.

Item #2:

The Local 123 Opening for Christian DeFilippo was great–thanks to Sam for bringing his excellent amp help. I love that spot, coffee and yumminess galore! Plus they serve beer on tap now, and make a lot of their foods right in house. I had a great time, and the art is worth checking out. I dressed up as a figure I thought he would’ve painted, which means I got to wear my favorite black wig AND play records. Score.

An example of his work:

And lastly:

A friendly reminder while we’re on the dj-tip is I am still doing the Babe Cave every Sunday as well. Four hours of brunchy-goodness (Foreign Cinema style–except you eat it with us in Laszlo while I play records–riiiiiiight?? in the CAVE), and right near the 24th street Bart for you East Bayers. Plus FREE DONUTS.

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Hello! I am back from New Orleans with a fresh batch of records and good vibes to go around. Please come say hello tomorrow afternoon/early eve when I do a special set at Local 123 over in Berkeley. I’ll be spinning the jams while they make you the delicious coffees and such. Plus, my artwork is up all over the walls.

We gonna have a good timessssss

oh yea>>> and I’m puttin up Nola pictures tomorrrrow. YES and Do You Liking today—-so look for some more Do You Like sooooooooon. See you tomorrow??


Don’t Tell Mom

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-moskelly at clusterBridget-close

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