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I’m up early stacking records for today’s Babe Cave after an excellent day spent at the SF Tribal & Textile Arts Show yesterday.

The tribal show was excellent, made many sketches and met some pretty interesting folks. Speaking of interesting…

Fis and I made a little video with a new iphone app called VidRhythm in anticipation of today’s Babe Cave and DONUTS >>



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Ok, this is seriously turning into epic-ness. We now have a Wayne, a Garth (moi), a Rob Lowe, a Terry, a Stacy, and possibly a few Cassandras. I’m on the red rope licorice hunt today—serious fun going down tomorrow night in Laszlo when Pretty City rolls out the Waynes World carpet. Maximum shwing. AND – – how perfect is it that the Saturday before our party, Wayne & Garth reunited on Saturday Night Live?

Check it out here>>>>

and one more little treat here:


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OMG, Janelle (aka Ginger) sent me the base for our new flyer for next week. I told her I was looking for big 80’s plaid and floral>>she really delivered. I added some new faces to the mix AND our movie of the evening and VIOLA! >>>

Killer, right?? We are going to be showing Almodovar’s ‘Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” which is FILLED with amazing 80’s pattern fashion. Encouraging you to dress up accordingly. We’ll have some kindof drink special (possibly gazpacho-based???) –Plus, I’ll be playing records ALL NIGHT LONG.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Ok ok, I will be bringing the dance as hard as I can this weekend. Please join me at any or all of these events…

SteveDood’s love of TRON has spawned his biggest (and last) Tron party. I will be playin records before and after.

Plus, there will be mega-decorations, prizes, a bar, black light ink tattoos (from the ladies and gents of Inkwell), and a costume contest. Dress for black lights, y’all. Black light is the new black tie.

Or, if a gallery walk with eats & drinks is more your speed, I will also be part of the Trifecta Event on Sunday. It’s basically a food and drink tour through some great art spaces, with live entertainment and a different part of the ‘meal’ at each spot. Catch me over at We Artspace spinning records for the cocktails part of the event (!). Here’s the promo card with a maaaap:

AND Don’t Forget that EVERY Sunday I’m over in the BABE CAVE in San Francisco rockin jams and free donuts at LASZLO (2534 Mission Street–next to Foreign Cinema…which is why you can eat their delicious brunch while you request your faves)

become a fan of the BABE CAVE on Facebook here


dj don’t tell mom

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and please let that include coming to the BABE CAVE today, we have some special treats in store for you. Including (but not limited to) the films of Bridget Irish, special guest DJ In Heat, and (as always) FREE DONUTS>>> be there or BE [] SQUARE. 12-6pm 2534 Mission Street (@21st & 22nd) SF.

Bagarre agaiiiiiiiiiin for your pleasure:


(or Kano) Just JOIN US in the Babababababababaveeeeeeeeee and sway a little while you drink a Mimosa, won’tcha??

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