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best night of sleep ever, sweetest morning fella, and friends on their way! plus waking up to this GEM from my bf Mr. Coyne–


don’t go losin’ faith!


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I just realized something upsetting about myself: my handwriting is in decline. I just tested myself on cursive capital letters and the handwriting I took such pride in is RUSTY! Drat! I used to spend hours practicing it growing up, admiring the beauty of both my Mom and Grandmother Elizabeth’s writing and trying to imitate them.

I have been considering how these skills that were once essential are being lost. Hardly anyone writes proper letters anymore (myself included), and the only time we really use our handwriting is to sign our name on something. Reciepts, paychecks (though with direct deposit you don’t even have to do that), etc////SO I am going to think about and practice that. I’m gonna get my handwriting back in shape, Ya’ll! SO if you are interested in getting a letter in the actual mail and are willing to write one back to practice with me, please comment below–I promise not to share it–except with the mailman.

Let’s use the:

1.) excellent art of the ever-excellent and text-obsessed Tauba Auerbach as inspiration//click her name to go to her website//



2.) A video my friend Bridget (who suprised me at my opening earlier tonite!) made of our friend Ira (a.k.a Panther Painter), one of the most talented sign painters I have ever seen//doin’ his THANG:

and last, but not least:

3.) The handwriting chart we used when I was learning//

cursive sample

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dance gems of the day, courtesy of friday frennnnnnnz & me tooooooooo




(Mr. Russell)

OH YEHHHHHHHHSSS Friday, I luv the sounda your grooooove. Thanks frennnns!

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