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here are some great photos from the Festival, as seen through the eyes of

The Land and Sea



and from


also, Clare Judith has some really nice ones here. She put up the lovely flags you see in some of the photos, and she got some nice shots of the barn installation I put up with some help from friends Eliza & Matt.

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hey ya’ll ,

HOW”S IT GOOON? I was gone up to the wooly noodly wild woods of Mendocino for the weekend, for the Invisible Ocean Festival , organized by Mr. Elias Reitz of Painted Cakes and Gojogo (amongst many other things). There were somewhere around 30 BANDS that played well into the early morning hours each night and a few pretty rad 4am dance parties. Highlights included swings, glow-in-the dark frisbee-ing, homemade beers, pizzas, rad movie night (nice job MVJ), projections (by?? who?? someone please inform!), facepainting, lots of performances and a screening of the lovely KC Bull’s movie she made about her dad Sandy Bull. Plus delicious food, record sharing, blanket dancing, ribbon braiding, and lots of new friends. AWESOME> > >

now I’m BACK and i’m here to let YOU know we gonna be posting some rad shit on DOYOULIKEDOYOULIKE you gonna dig. Plus, there are SO MANY rad things going down in the next month! Check back for updates about what’sa whats. One thing you should DEFINITELY make sure you make it over to the East Bay for is the Oakland Hip Fest at the Continental Club on September 19. SOONER, and also check worthy is the ever-awesome David Wilson‘s opening “Hot & Cold, The End is Here” at Baer Ridgeway in SandyFrancisco (where you will receive a map to his miraculous fort show on September 20 out in the Oakland hills).

What else? Music video, nighttime dj gig coming soon…and showing at Local 123 in October. I’ll let you know. Photos coming soon also, but for now, please enjoy some bad 80’s video:

sleeeepy town.

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You’re not gonna wanna miss this! My pal Eli has been working on this festival all summer and then some. Come celebrate his labors this Labor Day weekend by camping in the middle of nowhere, eating delicious food, watching 30+ bands, stomping it up in the all-night dance barn, and SO S OS SOSOSOS much more. I’ll be there as DJ Don’t Tell Mom, and we’ll be needing your dance magic, so get online and get your tickets ASAP!

invisible ocean

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