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Last year you may remember me talking about going up to Mendocino around this time of year to dj the excellent Invisible Ocean festival. My friend Eli has put it together again this year with EVEN MORE AWESOMENESS (if that’s even possible). Take a look at the flyer:

There’s going to be something like 26 bands playing, tons of artists and crafters, sunshine, trees, knees, and good times. Plus a farm-fresh dinner every night. AND CAMPING! With your favorite artists and musicians. No back stage, totally kid-friendly (with late-night time goodness as well). Movies, projections, horseshoes, frisbee, the coast a short drive away, and just a really good time.

If you go to the website, you can read up on the bands, get directions, and most importantly: BUY TICKETS. If you buy them now you are getting a discount/being entered into a rad drawing for some very cool stuff. It is a bargain for all the goodness you will experience, I can’t suggest it enough.

Oh! And I’ll be on hand both nights to ensure (along with Hit the Deck and Jonny One-Time) that some serious late-night dance parties go down. We have been gathering our records/ideas together for weeks now. Serious boogie-ing coming your way.

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TONITE! Special Evening edition of the Babe Cave 10pm-2am, Laszlo Bar 2534 Mission Street @21st. Do come, won’t you?? Iffun I get a lotsa people. I may get a regular gig! RADNESS. Off to buy some more records!! But please enjoy these songs while you prepare to come visit me later.  XOXO

P.S. I promise not to play that last one if you “come on over.” Just makin sure you’re payin attention…

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