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MARCH 8 brings a special special treat for you Do You Like fans: We are doing our first ever live performance. We will be part of Mr. Foote presents COMEDY NIGHT at Kingman’s Ivy Room, where there will be all sorts of comedic gems for you to snack on. Plus, I’ll be playing a few records along with my fella and some other buddies. It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN!

Check out the rad flier I made:

We are talking some serious fun here, I hope you can join us. Who can resist Simon and Garfield? Business Cats doing ‘sexy r&b,’ TASTYVILLE?? I dare you to try.

Actually don’t try, just do. Do Come. We’ll see you there and don’t forget to rest up for all the shaking laughter that’s gonna work those abs. MONDAY MARCH 8 — SEE YOU THERE!



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Shanna and I were researching accents on the interwebs and found this:

Which led us to make this:

Looking forward to more fun and video-magics in the New Year.


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It might be best if you click on over to my flickr account to see a full photo-report of what’s been goin’ on.

I’ve had friends in town, dj-ed my boss’s 50th birthday party, halloween partied on a boat, went haunted housing, shot some Do You Like, made friends with zombies, babe caved, danced backstage at MGMT on treasure island, and more I’m forgetting. Whirlwind, whirlwind. Today is the last day I’ll be posting for a bit, as I am off on a southern adventure with my first trip to New Orleans. I’ll be there in time for Día de los Muertos, and Halloween. Should be a grand adventure. I’ll be sure to take plenty o’ pics for ya’ll.

In other news, Do You Like has the first two parts of Episode 2 up. Watch them here and some other gems too on our youtube account, on our blog, or just check out the first two parts below.


See you soon baboon! xo

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Do You Like‘s Andrew Rubin Stevenstein has a Nana who needs her meds:

And Careerers has a fly who needs to dance:

ok. Happy Naked Wednesday!

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