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TONITE! Special Evening edition of the Babe Cave 10pm-2am, Laszlo Bar 2534 Mission Street @21st. Do come, won’t you?? Iffun I get a lotsa people. I may get a regular gig! RADNESS. Off to buy some more records!! But please enjoy these songs while you prepare to come visit me later.  XOXO

P.S. I promise not to play that last one if you “come on over.” Just makin sure you’re payin attention…

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happy happy 2009happy new year!

i hope yours rocked as hard as mine did. thank you UNIVERSE for blessing me with such awesome friends and family and bolinas bliss-out. AND for the HUGE DANCE PARTY that happened while i was on the decks.

if the beginning of 2009 is any indicator, this is going to be the raddest year yet. it just keeps getting better.

bye bye 2008, thanks for the lessons. may i move through 2009 with grace and remembrance of what i learned. and may you as well.

happy 2009, dudes!

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