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I recently met a very nice man who gave me a very nice deal on some crates of records, a lot of it was messed up but there were a few gems in there that have me excited. Example One: Club Nouveau. You know this band? From Sactown, they formed after the excellent Timex Social Club folded and have some serious jams. “Why You Treat Me So Bad” was sampled by both The Luniz for “I Got Five On ItAND Puff Daddy on “Satisfy You.” Check:

Respectify (Jonny One-Time really gave that exclamation some ground here in the Bay) local band of 80’s awesomeness!

Speaking of samples, another good jam I acquired recently (thank you, Andy) is MC Lyte’s “Keep On, Keepin’ On.” WHICH samples a little song called “Liberian Girl,” a jam by Mr. Michael Jackson that my sister and I LOVED when we found it.I have a distinct memory of playing it on repeat laughing and laughing and imitating the opening sequence. A odd song that may only be trumped by the amazing video that accompanies it. George Jefferson? Theo? Bridget Nielsen? Paula Abdul? a be-mulleted John Travolta? DON KING?? Priceless, and an odd list too long to transcribe for you. Here, just see for yourself:

and here’s MC Lyte’s take (the clean one, but watch yr ears when I drop the drrty one in da club):

ok ok for reals now I’m off the blog and into the world. Happy FRIDATE, y’all!

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Oh hi. I know, I know. I dropped the ball a minute in the blog world, but sometimes stepping away from the computer is necessary. In the meantime I collected more more more records, planted a garden (well, RE-planted some of it—damn snails!), and went to Nebraska to visit the fam. I forget just how big the sky can get sometimes:

Now, my loves, I am back. I am ready to jam and dance and play with you again. Last night was a lot of fun at Ye Olde Missouri Lounge, I hope you had a good time too. My favorite jam of the evening? Perhaps it was Atlantic Starr’s “Sexy Dancer,” which I can’t find on youtube but if you go here, you can click the top link and listen to it. Unh! It’s so good! I was also a big fan of this particular jam, and especially of watching everyone slowly get on board with me after a minute or two.

Oh yes. I may have been absent a minute, but we know there’s always tomorrow. We be jammin! We be jammin!

ok. back to the garden. xox

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