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Our Ethiopian cabbie gave us a great cab ride across Oakland the other night, playing a mix-tape he’d made for his evening. After a long walk, a lovely dinner, and a bottle of wine, it was the perfect end to a perfect eve.

(Sorry about the wind there towards the end)

6_4_10 11_12 PM

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Caution: a bit racy in the language department, you’ve been warned.

This is a recording i made of my friends outside the new Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan movie: Cop Out.

Fis is imitating as many comedians as we can throw at him. Pretty hilarious, especially Seinfeld & Gottfried. Enjoy:

comedian impersonation


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and this:


in other news: springing// forward.

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Gems such as this:

reside over here on my flickr page — you can also find more pics over here on Yori Live’s facebook page.

my favorite being this one (of course):

dj don't tell tron & cansafis mixing beats/gin & tronics

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MARCH 8 brings a special special treat for you Do You Like fans: We are doing our first ever live performance. We will be part of Mr. Foote presents COMEDY NIGHT at Kingman’s Ivy Room, where there will be all sorts of comedic gems for you to snack on. Plus, I’ll be playing a few records along with my fella and some other buddies. It’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN!

Check out the rad flier I made:

We are talking some serious fun here, I hope you can join us. Who can resist Simon and Garfield? Business Cats doing ‘sexy r&b,’ TASTYVILLE?? I dare you to try.

Actually don’t try, just do. Do Come. We’ll see you there and don’t forget to rest up for all the shaking laughter that’s gonna work those abs. MONDAY MARCH 8 — SEE YOU THERE!



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3 leg




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dance gems of the day, courtesy of friday frennnnnnnz & me tooooooooo




(Mr. Russell)

OH YEHHHHHHHHSSS Friday, I luv the sounda your grooooove. Thanks frennnns!

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