So stoked to be in the BABE CAVE today! I’ll be joined by two lovely ladies over in the DJ corner: my friend Melissa will be learning how to operate the decks, and my friend Eliza will be there setting up a display of her wannamake ceramic objects. I’ve been gone the last couple of weeks and while I’m sad CansaFis won’t be there today, I’m stoked to have a lady corner!

I’ve been visiting Eliza’s studio here in Oakland while she’s doing a residency at Real Time & Space gallery, and I love all the slipcast stuff she’s been making. Check out this necklace vessel:


You might remember Eliza from coming into the Babe Cave months ago with her sewing machine and two types of fabric; you could sign up and she would appraise your outfit then make you an accessory that went with it. Soon everyone in the bar had something different made from the same fabric and she calls this experiment ‘Let’s Be Matching.’ We’re delighted to host her again in the Cave.

Looking forward to playing some new records: I’ll be there 12-6 today rocking out the jams. Hope to see you there!


Can’t get enough of this new Symbolick Jews record, expect to hear a few licks from this excellent band.

Yay for Sunday!




I was experimenting with making these little art instruction videos for my kid pals (grown-ups welcome, too), this is my first (unedited) attempt at doing so. DEFINITELY DO NOT PIN THINGS STRAIGHT ONTO YOUR HAT — take it off or ask a helper for sure. Here we go!


What can you come up with using stuff from around the house?

PS —  this is Thor:And this is Thor riding a bike made of hammers:

Lookin’ good, bro!


Good stuff, Feb, good stuff. Here’s to MARCH – – and may I put in a request for more snow, please?

Helped Eliza with her mural @ RTS   —  lovely lanterns & lunch at Kayla’s

The Bordeaux formed & played a show — 3 More months til I’m an Auntie!

Bama is the best naughty dog ever     —   a very sweet Valentine’s day

H O T T U B I S T A N!

(happy birthday, steve dood)

Some pretty outstanding BABE CAVE’s too, I gotta say. Check our Faceybook profile for those pics — better yet, STOP BY and win your own wearable & photo up there. So stoked and blessed, looking forward to March and if we’re going to get some snow around here finally or no. Hope your quick Spring is allowing you to cherish your friends and fam — can’t wait to see what’s next!




As a lady playing music for folks, I often get approached with requests for this or that. Now, I know most dj people don’t like requests, but I *DO. I like to know the song you think of when you hear what I’m playing. This sometimes shows me things I’ve never heard, and might even introduce me to another angle I can go in my set. Plus, the power of only playing vinyl means that when I DO have your song–it’s extra magical.

Here are some of my most recent requests (I try to jot them down and look them up later if I can) —

At the Missouri Lounge the same nice guy has requested Yellow Magic Orchestra a bunch of times — especially this album (which is posted here in it’s youtube entirety)–

Super New-Wave 80’s style.

Last week in a conversation with someone about New Orleans and getting excited for Fat Tuesday, I was told this is is favorite song to rock out and eat gumbo to–

Written on a torn-off piece of paper–Althea & The Memories ‘The Worst Record in the World’–

No idea who it comes from but it’s my favorite of the three so far (sorry).

Jonny Greenwood?

There’s more, I just have to sift around a bit.

*PS–Sometimes I understand why dj folk get upset by requests when the asking folk are mean, beligerant, drunk, or rude about it. Asking nicely is cool. Also, you don’t have to apologize for asking, I think it’s hard enough to go up and ask it they have something. Just be mindful how you’re asking and if you’re asking every other song it’s not so cool. Dj’s — take a breath and be stoked people are listening to what you’re playing enough to approach you. Everybody–just be nice.



Thank you Easter Bunny

You give me the


More Outkast

this year i’m gonna go with it. hearts and flowers y’all.

happy valentines day!



boucherouite rag rugs from Morocco

I saw an amazing collection/set up by the Gebhart Blazek gallery at The Tribal & Textile Arts Fair in SF over the weekend — so impressive, so colorful, very inspiring. I want to learn how to make them myself, or my version of them.

I also found that I was very drawn to lots of masks thru the show, discovering most were from the Congo. I was especially drawn to masks from the Mbuti pygmy tribes from the Ituri Rainforest. Raffia beards and hair made the masks seem larger than life, I could imagine how impressive they would be worn on the people who made them.

Over at Dave DeRoche  and Jo De Buck’s stall I found some interesting masks and heard a lot of stories about the Kifwebe and their secret society/governance.

Kifwebe mask:

Every part of the face is meant to associate with certain animals — of which the mask assumes their special characteristics.

I still have so much to learn, but am excited to be interested in some new subjects. I have created a lot of different masks and costumes over the years, and what I really like is using the materials at hand to create something awesome. Most of the masks I saw used natural ingredients (wood, raffia, clay) — the things at hand in the places they were from.

Inspired! Finishing up some loose ends on projects here and these things are pushing me forward to my next endeavor. So cool. Thanks, Eliza, for inviting me!

RIP Whitney

Expect this today

Followed by this

RIP Ms. Houston — may you find peace at last.