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I’m up early stacking records for today’s Babe Cave after an excellent day spent at the SF Tribal & Textile Arts Show yesterday.

The tribal show was excellent, made many sketches and met some pretty interesting folks. Speaking of interesting…

Fis and I made a little video with a new iphone app called VidRhythm in anticipation of today’s Babe Cave and DONUTS >>



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all things in balance_______v


(thanks to mjb Mr. B tester)

note on above vid–while still a good song, please don’t watch past 2:21 if you are easily offended or creeped out by scary stuffs.

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woke up with this song in my head. luckily i didn’t wake up in that bizarro cafe–

p.s. nice boots, Carl.


BUT WAIT::::UPDATE::::::LOOK HERE —-> ((O)) and HERE —> ((O))

who knew??

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and I dare you to say this video doesn’t rule yours:

sigh. Catherine Ringer, you are a genius.

And how about this bit of trivia: Jean-Baptiste Mondino who (brilliantly) directed the above video is also responsible for this:

and this:



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oh man remember Nelly?

looks like he’s tryin to do a little LL Cool J phase, but more 80’s somehow than the 80’s. whaaa?  It’s kind of like if that and Luther Vandross made love to Bone Thugs N Harmony and made this song:

*note the sexy beenie-on doin-it sesh, the obligatory bling flash, the talking breakdown.


How’s your Tuesday? I’m MOOOOOOOVIN/Packin.

DJing a set this FRIDAY at the Missouri Lounge over in Oakland, ya’ll. My first EVER. Happy Hour. Come make it hahahhappy with me, will you? Then maybe I can get a regular night gig there, coverin for a little bit while Mr. Golden Gram is out touring with his band Port O’Brien.


p.s. i’m slowly putting up my NOLA trip photos HERE

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I just realized something upsetting about myself: my handwriting is in decline. I just tested myself on cursive capital letters and the handwriting I took such pride in is RUSTY! Drat! I used to spend hours practicing it growing up, admiring the beauty of both my Mom and Grandmother Elizabeth’s writing and trying to imitate them.

I have been considering how these skills that were once essential are being lost. Hardly anyone writes proper letters anymore (myself included), and the only time we really use our handwriting is to sign our name on something. Reciepts, paychecks (though with direct deposit you don’t even have to do that), etc////SO I am going to think about and practice that. I’m gonna get my handwriting back in shape, Ya’ll! SO if you are interested in getting a letter in the actual mail and are willing to write one back to practice with me, please comment below–I promise not to share it–except with the mailman.

Let’s use the:

1.) excellent art of the ever-excellent and text-obsessed Tauba Auerbach as inspiration//click her name to go to her website//



2.) A video my friend Bridget (who suprised me at my opening earlier tonite!) made of our friend Ira (a.k.a Panther Painter), one of the most talented sign painters I have ever seen//doin’ his THANG:

and last, but not least:

3.) The handwriting chart we used when I was learning//

cursive sample

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Strikeforce is “in town,” and I wanna go. We can drink Rockstar and cheer for my old college buddy Ben “The Teacher” Holscher. While he punches other people. In an arena. In Fresno. If we get our tickets by September 27, we get a limited edition Strikeforce Poster!


P.S. I’m not kidding. If you have a car and a serious interest in checking out something not from everyday life, hit me back, yo. Life! WTF? WWF! Let’s go do something weird, and have a really really rad time doing it.


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on the street, a mixtape with the words “Newton – Hope You Enjoy It” written in ballpoint pen (dated 6.93)

and, moments later THIS fly costume hanging in a tree, no one around, 10:45 at night:

Photo 2568


Photo 2569

first song singing something about a “voodoo storm,” and “i was hijacked by a big cat stretchin, a big cat stretchin, i was hijacked by a big cat purrin, a big cat purrin, and the big cat thought it was havin a cat nap but awwhhh naaaw it was a hijacks…”

WTF #2!

oh amazing world, thanks. blessed by oddness. xx

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up dere


Picture 6

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but that’s cool

because being awkward and going with it sometimes gives you a sparkly feeling

totally awkward

you know what i mean?

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