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I’m up early stacking records for today’s Babe Cave after an excellent day spent at the SF Tribal & Textile Arts Show yesterday.

The tribal show was excellent, made many sketches and met some pretty interesting folks. Speaking of interesting…

Fis and I made a little video with a new iphone app called VidRhythm in anticipation of today’s Babe Cave and DONUTS >>



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get some!



7 minute TANGO


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all things in balance_______v


(thanks to mjb Mr. B tester)

note on above vid–while still a good song, please don’t watch past 2:21 if you are easily offended or creeped out by scary stuffs.

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i recommend turning the volume off & playing them all at once.

who wants to?

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for you, a new joke i made up today (or “tpday” as my fingers wished to type)

(to be said in a new jersey accent (i don’t know why but yes, it is meant to be))

“heeeeeeey, i saw a guy driving one a dem Smaahhht Cahhss taday. I said ta him, AY! whaddya think ya some kinda wise guy or what??”

GET IT? ok ok fine. but you have to admit it’s better than my other favorite joke:

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Babe Cave >> today. SUNDAY 9/26 >> all MP3 set // bring a request >> bring a MP3 machine and your song will get played. PLUS++mini-cupcakes from Mission Minis. MISSION MINIS!

i took a cab there to hold her, i took a plane there to feel what she felt


STAY ALIVE // COME HAVE FUN // MP3 WITH ME >> shh just Don’t Tell the Vinyl. XO

2534 MISSION STREET @ 21st & 22nd SF (btw I’m pretty sure it’s the time of year when SF is WARMER than OAKLAND dudes) hot beats cool streets >> we treat you right.

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we have a loquat tree outback that’s exploding with fruit. the photos above would lead you to believe i made my first ever batch of loquat jelly. the jar itself would reveal a very fine loquat syrup…darnit! not enough pectin, i suppose. don’t think that will deter me from trying again…i’m plotting my return, while sipping a lovely summer cocktail sweetened by a lovely loquat syrup. mmmmm. i have five jars if you’re interested…

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and please, hold out til at LEAST 1:10.

nighty night! xx, East

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