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I will Nancy Drew it out of y’all just what to spin to MAKE A DANCE PARTY HAPPEN >>


with special guest CANSAFIS at the always wonderful Night Light in Jack London Square >>> YES!

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BAD PARADISE is on the bill Thursday at Cafe Van Kleef with SHOCK — it’s going to be an epic show no one should miss >> I’m headed over DIRECTLY after work! Can’t wait.

ImageHave you seen/HEARD these guys? They are seriously amazing, as Mr. Troy Bayless captured in the photos he recently took for their upcoming album (I am kinda leaking this one, so all props to Mr. Bayless and the gents). This one shot clearly shows why you wouldn’t want to miss this show, but here’s a link to some music too if ya wannit.


SHOCK is fantastic as well, Ms. Loewenthal is an outstanding front woman, not to be missed. Here’s their FB link if you want to check them out.

In other shows, the excellent boys from Swanifant gave me this flyer on Saturday, same night but looks like a good show with a good cause if you want to put them both on your agenda for Thursday night. Stop by this one on your way downtown and contribute to a good cause.


Get your socks and thongs out and I’ll see you Thursday! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


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Dudes & Dudettes: Tonight is going to be EPIC and excellent. You can stop by anytime between 4pm and TWO A.M. and say hello/what’s up to me and the boys. I’m kicking it off at 4pm and there’s a dj switch every two hours. That means I’ll be back on decks at 8pm and then again much later. YOU CAN’T MISS IT.


OK — now another fun part: there will be a creature/person roaming around ARTMURMUR and the Jack London Square NIGHT MARKET wearing some sort of outfit passing out the above flyers (some with FREE DRINK COUPONS written on the back) — who do you want to see:

1. A walking Pollock painting

2. A lizardy creature with puff painted scales


3. Teen Wolf

Hit me back at djdonttellmom@gmail.com to vote.

We’re working out a food truck situation and just looking to have a good time, come on out and say hi.

Directions here.



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Was browsing around on Fecal Face.com and found this video by Dugan Oneal — I’m not terribly into the song but stoked on this dude’s re-imagining the end of Karate Kid to it. Pretty fun to watch —

Speaking of fun to watch, I am looking forward to this Monday’s SHOWGA — Ms. Colver and I have been working on a new version of exercise called YOGAROBIX and will be performing/teaching it this coming Monday at 6pm. We have been watching lots of 80’s Aerobic vids to prepare — one of my favorites featuring Alan Thicke of Growing Pains.

As Alan sings. “I work my body out just for you.” — I hope to see you there this Monday for some fun. Outrageous outfits (read: leotards) are invited and encouraged. We are working hard to make it fun and also healthy, come on down and join us if you can (for you FaceBookers: here’s the FB info page).

If you can’t, no worries — for those of you who have been asking me to get a regular gig in Oakland again (aside from First Thursdays at The Missouri Lounge with ATM crew), it looks like that come May, I will be doing Happy Hour over at The NIGHT LIGHT in Jack London Square. That means afternoon fun and early evening goodness. If you haven’t checked out The Night Light yet, do yourself a favor and head over and say hi. You KNOW it’s a great place to stop by early on a Tuesday before $5 movie night in JLSquare…and Dougie and the boys (and girls) are very sweet. More details on that soon. 

Also, I’ve been working at another new installation at GRAND COFFEE in SF (dudes! that place is the BOMB if you haven’t been yet) — really stoked to change it up this time to some COLOR. Been working really hard on adding to it every week and every thing you see up on the wall was woven by my own two hands (thanks to Eliza F for teaching me how to finger-knit), tell them you saw it on my wordpress page and get a dollar off a coffee drink (you may need to remind/nudge them about this fact). Check it out:

ImageWhat else what else? Ahh yes, THE BABE CAVE — very special guests this Sunday: My Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom, who rule super hard. They are in town visiting from Yakima WA via Mitchell NE — and you gotta stop by and say hi. Drink a Momosa with my Aunt Pat while Fis and I spin the good jams and Jill and Swain mix the good drinks.

And one last thing — U GOT THE LOVE and so do I, let’s not forget to share it.

ps–this jam may be included in Monday’s SHOGAROBIX…YES!

Hearts, DTM

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(To quote Mr. R. Kelly) —

Yes we are. TONITE. ATM AT$ ATM CREW will be bringin’ the beats from 10pm – 2am in a little preview for tomorrow’s 10-hour-insanity over at The Night Light. Come see us tonite at The Missouri Lounge, I’ll be there at midnight. Watch DTM’s facebook for updates thru the night Friday.



PS>>>>> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



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Yes, you read that right: we are going to be pulling an epic dance party on Friday at the newest bar in Oakland, the Night Light — me and the boys will be there for 10 rockin’ hours and many dance parties will ensue. Come on down and boogie anytime you like between 4pm and 2am — there will be drinks, there will be fun, there will be snacks. I for one can’t wait.

Need directions? It’s in Jack London Square, a quick bike ride from West Oakland and a hop, skip, and a jump from the 12th street BART. Click here for a map, friends.


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As Hot Chocolate says, EVERYONE’S A WINNER — and that couldn’t be more true than in The Babe Cave. We’ve been drawing on and giving away a wearable item every Sunday for weeks. I’ve collected photos of the last month of winners to show to you now, come on down one Sunday and perhaps the winner will be YOU!



ImageAlso, if you haven’t seen/heard it before: Hot Chocolate sings it to you now —

Also — top secret! I’ll be djing this Tuesday (tomorrow) over at Iron & Gold in SF from 9:30 on, it’s a birthday dance party and rumor has it drinks are strong and the space is beee-utiful! See you there??

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