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Good stuff, Feb, good stuff. Here’s to MARCH – – and may I put in a request for more snow, please?

Helped Eliza with her mural @ RTS   —  lovely lanterns & lunch at Kayla’s

The Bordeaux formed & played a show — 3 More months til I’m an Auntie!

Bama is the best naughty dog ever     —   a very sweet Valentine’s day

H O T T U B I S T A N!

(happy birthday, steve dood)

Some pretty outstanding BABE CAVE’s too, I gotta say. Check our Faceybook profile for those pics — better yet, STOP BY and win your own wearable & photo up there. So stoked and blessed, looking forward to March and if we’re going to get some snow around here finally or no. Hope your quick Spring is allowing you to cherish your friends and fam — can’t wait to see what’s next!



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As a lady playing music for folks, I often get approached with requests for this or that. Now, I know most dj people don’t like requests, but I *DO. I like to know the song you think of when you hear what I’m playing. This sometimes shows me things I’ve never heard, and might even introduce me to another angle I can go in my set. Plus, the power of only playing vinyl means that when I DO have your song–it’s extra magical.

Here are some of my most recent requests (I try to jot them down and look them up later if I can) —

At the Missouri Lounge the same nice guy has requested Yellow Magic Orchestra a bunch of times — especially this album (which is posted here in it’s youtube entirety)–

Super New-Wave 80’s style.

Last week in a conversation with someone about New Orleans and getting excited for Fat Tuesday, I was told this is is favorite song to rock out and eat gumbo to–

Written on a torn-off piece of paper–Althea & The Memories ‘The Worst Record in the World’–

No idea who it comes from but it’s my favorite of the three so far (sorry).

Jonny Greenwood?

There’s more, I just have to sift around a bit.

*PS–Sometimes I understand why dj folk get upset by requests when the asking folk are mean, beligerant, drunk, or rude about it. Asking nicely is cool. Also, you don’t have to apologize for asking, I think it’s hard enough to go up and ask it they have something. Just be mindful how you’re asking and if you’re asking every other song it’s not so cool. Dj’s — take a breath and be stoked people are listening to what you’re playing enough to approach you. Everybody–just be nice.



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Expect this today

Followed by this

RIP Ms. Houston — may you find peace at last.

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Wise words, 2012. Something to think about indeed. This song comes to mind as I ruminate this thought—

(feel free to push play as you read the rest of this)

Ah, are you getting enough happiness? Are you getting enough of what makes you happy?? A thought good to sit with as Winter (or “Winter” in the Bay area) winds it’s good way toward Spring. I am happy but I am also searching — lots of new things in the works and on my mind. Had a great conversation tonite with a good friend that really set me thinkin’. I’ll keep you updated.

Looking forward to dancing tomorrow night at the White Horse after the SHOCK show at the BAM. Well…full disclosure: I’m missing the SHOCK show to go see Pina in 3D (holy cow, watch this trailer!) — but will be dancing with lots of pals afterward over at the White Horse. You should check one or both or all three out, they all promise to be  a m a z i n g.

Dancing makes me happy, and so does dancing with my friends. Come on down and join us if you like.

Whaaaaaaaaat else?

1. Drawing every day

2. Looking for someone with a “Steam Punk” aesthetic to artfully build out a cool bitsy coffee shop in SF

3. Planning this year’s Super Bowl Super Babe Cave — expect to see a LIVE MEZZANINE performance by LE MUTANT (on tour from France!)

4. Gotta get some zzzzz’s — see you next time.



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