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Thank you Easter Bunny

You give me the


More Outkast

this year i’m gonna go with it. hearts and flowers y’all.

happy valentines day!


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Expect this today

Followed by this

RIP Ms. Houston — may you find peace at last.

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good tuesday to ye

i think my sister would dig this jam – –

i’m rocking out to this live Knife stuff this morning – –

and speaking of engrossing performances, Tastyville is playing this evening at the Stork Club in Oakland. Can’t wait to see what they will present (spoiler alert: 9-piece HORN SECTION…they’re on first I think, so get there early).


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Wise words, 2012. Something to think about indeed. This song comes to mind as I ruminate this thought—

(feel free to push play as you read the rest of this)

Ah, are you getting enough happiness? Are you getting enough of what makes you happy?? A thought good to sit with as Winter (or “Winter” in the Bay area) winds it’s good way toward Spring. I am happy but I am also searching — lots of new things in the works and on my mind. Had a great conversation tonite with a good friend that really set me thinkin’. I’ll keep you updated.

Looking forward to dancing tomorrow night at the White Horse after the SHOCK show at the BAM. Well…full disclosure: I’m missing the SHOCK show to go see Pina in 3D (holy cow, watch this trailer!) — but will be dancing with lots of pals afterward over at the White Horse. You should check one or both or all three out, they all promise to be  a m a z i n g.

Dancing makes me happy, and so does dancing with my friends. Come on down and join us if you like.

Whaaaaaaaaat else?

1. Drawing every day

2. Looking for someone with a “Steam Punk” aesthetic to artfully build out a cool bitsy coffee shop in SF

3. Planning this year’s Super Bowl Super Babe Cave — expect to see a LIVE MEZZANINE performance by LE MUTANT (on tour from France!)

4. Gotta get some zzzzz’s — see you next time.



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“if it look dis good i wondahhh how it taaaas'”

the amazing thing about that jam is that it comes at the end of this:

(DONT CLICK THE “prompt” on the video that asks if you “want to see the ‘official’ version..” it’s a trick. BUT DAMN WHAT A GOOD TRICK, i only wish their music was better. haaaaaa be warned)

in other smooth jams:

yea yeah ….. yea yeahhhhhh

Thanks, viva-radio! And thanks CFCF of DYWNWODYWTT. x

OK—> coming up:  Sunday Babe Cave (SF) //Tuesday @The Layover (OAK)//Bike Joust (TBD) 3.16?


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As you know, I am making a creepy Babe Cave party happen on the 31st with my friend Sirbo Turbo (aka Robert from Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa)>>here is the frightening flyer my friend Melissa made for the occasion:

The aforementioned M will be in the house painting faces and on hand with various costume items to help you prepare for the evening. Same as usual, 12-4pm at Laszlo (2534 Mission Street//SF)

There are going to be all kinds of things going on Saturday over in the Oaklands as well. I am going to be throwing down some vinyl at one and maybe TWO house parties. Details to follow—for now, here is a sneak preview of my Hiphoctopus costume I have been working on.

Special thanks to Natalie for her sewing help. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

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Here’s a great mix from Max Wowch via my favorite internet radio station Viva-Radio.

Great for putting on and doing stuff around the house/office/barn/dairyqueen. Sweeping. Sleeping. Whatever your bag is.

Mellllllllllowwwwwwwwwww click here for Max’s mix on his weekly show BURGER TIME.

ok ok, looks like you have to physically click ‘wednesday’ then click ‘burger time,’ then you’re there.

The cool thing about Viva is you can scroll through different lists at will, then if you find a fav dj you can go through their catalogued mixes and listen to them alllllllllll. +PLUS no commercials! YES. YES. AND YES.

ok i have to go to work, enjoy your Wednesday. One last thing>>>if you are East Bayble, come to this SHOW tomorrow NIGHT. One of my new favorite bands, Arms & Legs will be playing. I hear they have a sexy new sax player…and who can resist THAT?

@ the Uptown (OAK) 1928 telegraph ave 8pm $10 (ugh, i know but for serious, this will be a good show). bye!

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Not enough exercise today? Too much spice in my food? Two coffee-afternoon? (ONE, TWO) The heat? I dunno but I am definitely U.A.N.>>

Getting very stoked for OCTOBER, y’all. One of my favorite months in this BIG COUNTRY

Planning an extra-special Babe Cave-O-Ween extravaganza, starring Sirbo Turbo, me as a giant octopus, and M as the resident costumer. She’ll be there raising $$ for her Sunset Boat Party ticket. B/C if M wants anything, it’s to dance.

You’re not gonna wanna miss this one. Flier coming soon. Oh, and one more thing>>>

Cuz I’m not sleeeeeeeeepinnnnn

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Playing jams tonite over at The Layover (everyone’s new fav bar in Oakland-town). Mood heavily influenced by this new record I picked up yesterday up in Sacramento. Ah, LCD, you never disappoint.

And here’s a rad 80’s band I found out about thru Kanako up in Olympia. The Mo-Dettes:


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Picking up a cd you found in the gutter and finding it to be pretty decent is a nice suprise–and def. better than spending $5 at the bart station on some that don’t hit you at all (tho rumor is you can do exchanges if you’re not satisfied and Supreme seems like a cool dude…). These dudes really want you to call KMEL and request their song.

Ladies and Gents: The Fly Street Gang.

And in case you do want that KMEL request line # >> click here

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