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close up

Back in June, Eliza Fernand and I collaborated on a installation/performance at Abco Artspace in Oakland. Here’s the link to some photos and a video compilation Eliza put together of our four performances. (P.S.>> that’s me on the right)

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dear pals,

I have not updated very faithfully, as I have difficulty with the pain of uploading photos to this dang thingamagigga. If I go all “Turbo,” does that mean I get special perks? I mean, COME OHHHWN! If all ya’ll LUHV this thing so much, teach me how ta use it, will ya??

as a side note, i have just started making brand new puff clothes which will be appearing at Gravel & Gold over on 19th and Lexington (between 21-20th, ya’ll). It will be your new favorite place and here’s a blurry sampling of what’s tutu come:



in other news…

panda bears



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beard model

you can order one

and have it custom made

in the colors of your choice


email puffyeapuffyea@gmail.com

to discuss

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