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Good stuff, Feb, good stuff. Here’s to MARCH – – and may I put in a request for more snow, please?

Helped Eliza with her mural @ RTS   —  lovely lanterns & lunch at Kayla’s

The Bordeaux formed & played a show — 3 More months til I’m an Auntie!

Bama is the best naughty dog ever     —   a very sweet Valentine’s day

H O T T U B I S T A N!

(happy birthday, steve dood)

Some pretty outstanding BABE CAVE’s too, I gotta say. Check our Faceybook profile for those pics — better yet, STOP BY and win your own wearable & photo up there. So stoked and blessed, looking forward to March and if we’re going to get some snow around here finally or no. Hope your quick Spring is allowing you to cherish your friends and fam — can’t wait to see what’s next!



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As you know, I am making a creepy Babe Cave party happen on the 31st with my friend Sirbo Turbo (aka Robert from Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa)>>here is the frightening flyer my friend Melissa made for the occasion:

The aforementioned M will be in the house painting faces and on hand with various costume items to help you prepare for the evening. Same as usual, 12-4pm at Laszlo (2534 Mission Street//SF)

There are going to be all kinds of things going on Saturday over in the Oaklands as well. I am going to be throwing down some vinyl at one and maybe TWO house parties. Details to follow—for now, here is a sneak preview of my Hiphoctopus costume I have been working on.

Special thanks to Natalie for her sewing help. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

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Gems such as this:

reside over here on my flickr page — you can also find more pics over here on Yori Live’s facebook page.

my favorite being this one (of course):

dj don't tell tron & cansafis mixing beats/gin & tronics

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3 leg




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close up

Back in June, Eliza Fernand and I collaborated on a installation/performance at Abco Artspace in Oakland. Here’s the link to some photos and a video compilation Eliza put together of our four performances. (P.S.>> that’s me on the right)

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here are some great photos from the Festival, as seen through the eyes of

The Land and Sea



and from


also, Clare Judith has some really nice ones here. She put up the lovely flags you see in some of the photos, and she got some nice shots of the barn installation I put up with some help from friends Eliza & Matt.

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