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Researching names he’s dropping in the first half gives me this mellow late-night mix for you:

Jimmy Reed

Says Keith, “He had two tempos. But he understood the magic of repetition, of monotony, transforming itself to become this sort of hypnotic, trancelike thing. We were fascinated by it, Brian and I. We would spend every spare moment trying to get down Jimmy Reed’s guitar sounds.”

He loved the Sun sound, and the rough blues gents associated with it.

Pat Hare

Unfortunately for Pat Hare’s cheating wife, he did just what he says he’s going to do.

Robert Johnson

Again, in Keith’s words: “Robert Johnson was like an orchestra all by himself. Some of his best stuff is almost Bach-like in construction.”

I’m enjoying reading about the early years of The Stones and what shaped the sound they are still honing and loving to play to this day. Learning about their peers and influences along the way is giving me quite an education. Somehow, I think the education I’ll get once I hit the 80’s will be something wholly different. Ha.

Also reading Just Kids by Patti Smith, giving me another very interesting look into Rock N’ Roll in the 1970’s I’m really enjoying. More on that later–let’s just say the list of records/books/photographs to look up is enormous.

Speaking of records, I’ll be back at the Layover this Tuesday playing a mess of new stuff. Come say goodbye to Amanda Kennedy, and bring your dancing shoes.

ok. Thanks, Keith Richards, for the night time blues relaxation. And for writing such a good book. Cheers! xo. DTM

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Oakland, another reason to love you and your mysterious ways. Plus that Fred hoodie is almost blowing my mind as much  as young Miss Kreayshawn (and her video-texting) herself. Almost.

and West Oakland is apparently having underground raves? Whaaa?

Someone take me to this magic land where both the black kids and the white kids hang out and get down dancing in my neighborhood!

Let’s not forget the turf dancing that’s happening over in East Oakland

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Picking up a cd you found in the gutter and finding it to be pretty decent is a nice suprise–and def. better than spending $5 at the bart station on some that don’t hit you at all (tho rumor is you can do exchanges if you’re not satisfied and Supreme seems like a cool dude…). These dudes really want you to call KMEL and request their song.

Ladies and Gents: The Fly Street Gang.

And in case you do want that KMEL request line # >> click here

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No wonder, as he a.) is awesome and b.) worked with Chasz Jankel, whom I also love. CansaFis just gifted me (because he is THE BEST) with the excellent LP “Lord Upminster” Dury & Jankel made with SLY AND ROBBIE. Pretty amazing, it’s being played on repeat as I make lunch up in here.

Coming soon to a babe cave near you:

hit me with your rhythm stick

I can’t find the youtube vids I want for the songs I’m diggin today but here’s a little of THIS to tide you over until I do.

ps- there’s some interesting reading about Mr. Dury on his Wiki Page–and if you see this record out and about, snatch it up.


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I recently met a very nice man who gave me a very nice deal on some crates of records, a lot of it was messed up but there were a few gems in there that have me excited. Example One: Club Nouveau. You know this band? From Sactown, they formed after the excellent Timex Social Club folded and have some serious jams. “Why You Treat Me So Bad” was sampled by both The Luniz for “I Got Five On ItAND Puff Daddy on “Satisfy You.” Check:

Respectify (Jonny One-Time really gave that exclamation some ground here in the Bay) local band of 80’s awesomeness!

Speaking of samples, another good jam I acquired recently (thank you, Andy) is MC Lyte’s “Keep On, Keepin’ On.” WHICH samples a little song called “Liberian Girl,” a jam by Mr. Michael Jackson that my sister and I LOVED when we found it.I have a distinct memory of playing it on repeat laughing and laughing and imitating the opening sequence. A odd song that may only be trumped by the amazing video that accompanies it. George Jefferson? Theo? Bridget Nielsen? Paula Abdul? a be-mulleted John Travolta? DON KING?? Priceless, and an odd list too long to transcribe for you. Here, just see for yourself:

and here’s MC Lyte’s take (the clean one, but watch yr ears when I drop the drrty one in da club):

ok ok for reals now I’m off the blog and into the world. Happy FRIDATE, y’all!

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a mix i found, nice on a grey day like this one

click here to listen

april showers can bring me the may flowers and veggies as soon as they’re ready!

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Die Antwood brings more ahem BOUNCE to the OUNCE (if by “ounce,” you mean “d & b’s bobbin in a pair of dark side of the moon underpants). Please enjoy:

“What does that mean?”

“Whatevah, man. *uck ‘Em.”

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