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this weekend. i have never seen anything like it, what a treat.

click Fis’ face below to check out photos from the event and here for the official i.n.c. website

they headed to PORTLAND and SPOKANE next, y’all.

in other news, I am filling in for Golden Gram all this month at the Missouri Lounge for Happy Hour. Every Friday 5-10pm. We had a grand time tonite, thanks to everyone who asked for a song or said hello. Hopefully in my record digging I can find some of the stuff y’all asked for, and hopefully you heard something new tonite as well. That’s all the djing I’ve got goin for the moment, but you KNOW the Babe Cave be poppin’ every Sunday over in the city (SF) at Laszlo’s. 12-4 with Foreign Cinema brunch and (of course) freeeeeeeeeeee donuts!


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ceiling close-upWe are conceived in sound
we grow
and emerge in its wake.
Our history is a collection
of sound sensations,
experiences, emotions
All uniting into an aural identity.
It is this ocean
of recollections, sound images,
dreams, memories
We share.
– Stan Shaff, Composer, The Audium
Hey ya’ll, if you live in the Bay Area you should probably check out The Audium over in the Ol’ Tenderloin. I went last night and it is a pretty unique experience, unlike anything I’ve been to. Stan Shaff has been composing “sound sculptures” since the 1950’s and built a super-sweet 169-speaker theatre called the Audium to perform them in. He still gives performances twice a week (Friday & Saturday evenings at 8:30 sharp), and you will kick yourself if you miss it. That’s all I’m gonna say, but here’s an article from Ping Magazine about it (where I also got the photos). Go!

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dance gems of the day, courtesy of friday frennnnnnnz & me tooooooooo




(Mr. Russell)

OH YEHHHHHHHHSSS Friday, I luv the sounda your grooooove. Thanks frennnns!

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on the street, a mixtape with the words “Newton – Hope You Enjoy It” written in ballpoint pen (dated 6.93)

and, moments later THIS fly costume hanging in a tree, no one around, 10:45 at night:

Photo 2568


Photo 2569

first song singing something about a “voodoo storm,” and “i was hijacked by a big cat stretchin, a big cat stretchin, i was hijacked by a big cat purrin, a big cat purrin, and the big cat thought it was havin a cat nap but awwhhh naaaw it was a hijacks…”

WTF #2!

oh amazing world, thanks. blessed by oddness. xx

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You’re not gonna wanna miss this! My pal Eli has been working on this festival all summer and then some. Come celebrate his labors this Labor Day weekend by camping in the middle of nowhere, eating delicious food, watching 30+ bands, stomping it up in the all-night dance barn, and SO S OS SOSOSOS much more. I’ll be there as DJ Don’t Tell Mom, and we’ll be needing your dance magic, so get online and get your tickets ASAP!

invisible ocean

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beard model

you can order one

and have it custom made

in the colors of your choice


email puffyeapuffyea@gmail.com

to discuss

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