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I was experimenting with making these little art instruction videos for my kid pals (grown-ups welcome, too), this is my first (unedited) attempt at doing so. DEFINITELY DO NOT PIN THINGS STRAIGHT ONTO YOUR HAT — take it off or ask a helper for sure. Here we go!


What can you come up with using stuff from around the house?

PS —  this is Thor:And this is Thor riding a bike made of hammers:

Lookin’ good, bro!

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boucherouite rag rugs from Morocco

I saw an amazing collection/set up by the Gebhart Blazek gallery at The Tribal & Textile Arts Fair in SF over the weekend — so impressive, so colorful, very inspiring. I want to learn how to make them myself, or my version of them.

I also found that I was very drawn to lots of masks thru the show, discovering most were from the Congo. I was especially drawn to masks from the Mbuti pygmy tribes from the Ituri Rainforest. Raffia beards and hair made the masks seem larger than life, I could imagine how impressive they would be worn on the people who made them.

Over at Dave DeRoche  and Jo De Buck’s stall I found some interesting masks and heard a lot of stories about the Kifwebe and their secret society/governance.

Kifwebe mask:

Every part of the face is meant to associate with certain animals — of which the mask assumes their special characteristics.

I still have so much to learn, but am excited to be interested in some new subjects. I have created a lot of different masks and costumes over the years, and what I really like is using the materials at hand to create something awesome. Most of the masks I saw used natural ingredients (wood, raffia, clay) — the things at hand in the places they were from.

Inspired! Finishing up some loose ends on projects here and these things are pushing me forward to my next endeavor. So cool. Thanks, Eliza, for inviting me!

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get some!



7 minute TANGO


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Babe Cave >> today. SUNDAY 9/26 >> all MP3 set // bring a request >> bring a MP3 machine and your song will get played. PLUS++mini-cupcakes from Mission Minis. MISSION MINIS!

i took a cab there to hold her, i took a plane there to feel what she felt


STAY ALIVE // COME HAVE FUN // MP3 WITH ME >> shh just Don’t Tell the Vinyl. XO

2534 MISSION STREET @ 21st & 22nd SF (btw I’m pretty sure it’s the time of year when SF is WARMER than OAKLAND dudes) hot beats cool streets >> we treat you right.

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Oh hi. I know, I know. I dropped the ball a minute in the blog world, but sometimes stepping away from the computer is necessary. In the meantime I collected more more more records, planted a garden (well, RE-planted some of it—damn snails!), and went to Nebraska to visit the fam. I forget just how big the sky can get sometimes:

Now, my loves, I am back. I am ready to jam and dance and play with you again. Last night was a lot of fun at Ye Olde Missouri Lounge, I hope you had a good time too. My favorite jam of the evening? Perhaps it was Atlantic Starr’s “Sexy Dancer,” which I can’t find on youtube but if you go here, you can click the top link and listen to it. Unh! It’s so good! I was also a big fan of this particular jam, and especially of watching everyone slowly get on board with me after a minute or two.

Oh yes. I may have been absent a minute, but we know there’s always tomorrow. We be jammin! We be jammin!

ok. back to the garden. xox

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This weekend I am going to be part of another David Wilson production (remember him from Angel Island and the Fort Show? please take a look at his blog if you are not familiar with the wonderfulness that is DW).

A troupe of us will be performing this weekend at The Treasure Island Music Festival during the headlining MGMT set, doing live light manipulations. The excellent Jeffrey Manson and DW have masterminded a magical show that includes light projected from within (and onto) pyramids built by Mr. Elias Reitz, a live video feed onto a JUMBO TRON, and yours truely dancing on-stage with light projecting onto mylar ‘wings.’ Difficult to describe but if any of you are familiar with Manson’s work at Invisible Oceans or Angel Island, you’ll know it’s going to be magical. I took some photos of a practice we had last night and made a little stop-motion vid for you to check out (That’s DW dancing in front of Jupiter there at the end).

But first, a video from the band MGMT (a song that I’m sure you will recognize):

and here’s practice last nite:

If you’re coming out, I’ll hope to see you there. I’ll post a vid of what we end up doing after this weekend. YES! Friend collaboration is the BEST! Have an excellent weekend, friends!

***P.S.>>> MGMT is playing a secret show tonight at The Independent in SF, try to get tickets! A smaller group of us will be trying out some of the projections there>>>GO!

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I just realized something upsetting about myself: my handwriting is in decline. I just tested myself on cursive capital letters and the handwriting I took such pride in is RUSTY! Drat! I used to spend hours practicing it growing up, admiring the beauty of both my Mom and Grandmother Elizabeth’s writing and trying to imitate them.

I have been considering how these skills that were once essential are being lost. Hardly anyone writes proper letters anymore (myself included), and the only time we really use our handwriting is to sign our name on something. Reciepts, paychecks (though with direct deposit you don’t even have to do that), etc////SO I am going to think about and practice that. I’m gonna get my handwriting back in shape, Ya’ll! SO if you are interested in getting a letter in the actual mail and are willing to write one back to practice with me, please comment below–I promise not to share it–except with the mailman.

Let’s use the:

1.) excellent art of the ever-excellent and text-obsessed Tauba Auerbach as inspiration//click her name to go to her website//



2.) A video my friend Bridget (who suprised me at my opening earlier tonite!) made of our friend Ira (a.k.a Panther Painter), one of the most talented sign painters I have ever seen//doin’ his THANG:

and last, but not least:

3.) The handwriting chart we used when I was learning//

cursive sample

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close up

Back in June, Eliza Fernand and I collaborated on a installation/performance at Abco Artspace in Oakland. Here’s the link to some photos and a video compilation Eliza put together of our four performances. (P.S.>> that’s me on the right)

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Have you seen DO YOU LIKE, yet?

You should check it ouuuuuuuuuuut.

Meanwhile, we’ll be working hard to film new episodes every Thursday. Stay tuned…

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beard model

you can order one

and have it custom made

in the colors of your choice


email puffyeapuffyea@gmail.com

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