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1). Maya Hayuk is AMAZING>>>i wanna work with her just to understand how she does her thing with the colors

See for yourself:



2). I am going to start djing pretty regularly on TUESDAYS, hooray!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays will be at THE LAYOVER in Oakland, with 2nds over at Laszlo in SF! Beginning next month! Tentatively called Don’t Tell Tuesdays (with the alternate title on 2nds being Pretty City, as Gail is my bartendress of mix magics).

Looking for something to punch up my Layover eves…anyone interested in food makings?? Very, very excited. And, as always, THE BABE CAVE remains>>Sundays 12-4 also at Laszlo over in SF. free donuts!

3).  This track by Output posted by the fine folks over at the beatelectric blog::::::


plus, lots of rivering, gardening, and painting! getting a hat ready for the Invisible Oceans Raffle for early-ticket-holders…

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best night of sleep ever, sweetest morning fella, and friends on their way! plus waking up to this GEM from my bf Mr. Coyne–


don’t go losin’ faith!


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This weekend I am going to be part of another David Wilson production (remember him from Angel Island and the Fort Show? please take a look at his blog if you are not familiar with the wonderfulness that is DW).

A troupe of us will be performing this weekend at The Treasure Island Music Festival during the headlining MGMT set, doing live light manipulations. The excellent Jeffrey Manson and DW have masterminded a magical show that includes light projected from within (and onto) pyramids built by Mr. Elias Reitz, a live video feed onto a JUMBO TRON, and yours truely dancing on-stage with light projecting onto mylar ‘wings.’ Difficult to describe but if any of you are familiar with Manson’s work at Invisible Oceans or Angel Island, you’ll know it’s going to be magical. I took some photos of a practice we had last night and made a little stop-motion vid for you to check out (That’s DW dancing in front of Jupiter there at the end).

But first, a video from the band MGMT (a song that I’m sure you will recognize):

and here’s practice last nite:

If you’re coming out, I’ll hope to see you there. I’ll post a vid of what we end up doing after this weekend. YES! Friend collaboration is the BEST! Have an excellent weekend, friends!

***P.S.>>> MGMT is playing a secret show tonight at The Independent in SF, try to get tickets! A smaller group of us will be trying out some of the projections there>>>GO!

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My Mom is Ruling It Hard.

Check her out if you don’t believe me:


This is her on a four-wheeler jamming hard————————^

and THIS, down here is her in Maui, where she tried surfing and didn’t quit until she GOT UP. She surfed two waves, even. RADNICAL. ———————————v
surfer mom

I’ve never even tried to surf but this lady is inspiring me to try, as well as neat new friends such as the ruling hard Jasmin Lim who has organized a show (feat.Keegan McHargue, Hana Lee, and others) you should see at Painted Bird and is a body surfer (side note: if you haven’t yet, please check out Dear & Yonder, a surf movie by Tiffany Campbell & Andria Lessler).

Cleaning out the rekkids, found this one from my childhood that I love and coincidentally to this post, reminds me of my MOMMA. Glad you’re having a great vacay, Ma!

and now: The Judds, performing Why Not Me:

let’s do this one too, shall we?


GOOD WORK LADIES! Have a great Tuesday!

love, Don’t Tell Mom (cuz she already KNOWS)

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Have you seen DO YOU LIKE, yet?

You should check it ouuuuuuuuuuut.

Meanwhile, we’ll be working hard to film new episodes every Thursday. Stay tuned…

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ceiling close-upWe are conceived in sound
we grow
and emerge in its wake.
Our history is a collection
of sound sensations,
experiences, emotions
All uniting into an aural identity.
It is this ocean
of recollections, sound images,
dreams, memories
We share.
– Stan Shaff, Composer, The Audium
Hey ya’ll, if you live in the Bay Area you should probably check out The Audium over in the Ol’ Tenderloin. I went last night and it is a pretty unique experience, unlike anything I’ve been to. Stan Shaff has been composing “sound sculptures” since the 1950’s and built a super-sweet 169-speaker theatre called the Audium to perform them in. He still gives performances twice a week (Friday & Saturday evenings at 8:30 sharp), and you will kick yourself if you miss it. That’s all I’m gonna say, but here’s an article from Ping Magazine about it (where I also got the photos). Go!

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hey ya’ll ,

HOW”S IT GOOON? I was gone up to the wooly noodly wild woods of Mendocino for the weekend, for the Invisible Ocean Festival , organized by Mr. Elias Reitz of Painted Cakes and Gojogo (amongst many other things). There were somewhere around 30 BANDS that played well into the early morning hours each night and a few pretty rad 4am dance parties. Highlights included swings, glow-in-the dark frisbee-ing, homemade beers, pizzas, rad movie night (nice job MVJ), projections (by?? who?? someone please inform!), facepainting, lots of performances and a screening of the lovely KC Bull’s movie she made about her dad Sandy Bull. Plus delicious food, record sharing, blanket dancing, ribbon braiding, and lots of new friends. AWESOME> > >

now I’m BACK and i’m here to let YOU know we gonna be posting some rad shit on DOYOULIKEDOYOULIKE you gonna dig. Plus, there are SO MANY rad things going down in the next month! Check back for updates about what’sa whats. One thing you should DEFINITELY make sure you make it over to the East Bay for is the Oakland Hip Fest at the Continental Club on September 19. SOONER, and also check worthy is the ever-awesome David Wilson‘s opening “Hot & Cold, The End is Here” at Baer Ridgeway in SandyFrancisco (where you will receive a map to his miraculous fort show on September 20 out in the Oakland hills).

What else? Music video, nighttime dj gig coming soon…and showing at Local 123 in October. I’ll let you know. Photos coming soon also, but for now, please enjoy some bad 80’s video:

sleeeepy town.

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nate shows you what a little crane style can look like. money? money babies? you so money babies.

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love her or hate her, you can’t deny grace jones is a force of nature

island lifenight clubbing_

bulletproof heartportfolioportfolio back side


here’s a clip from the first place i ever saw her: Eddie Murphy’s “Boomerang.” Bitch is CRAZY in that movie!

and one of my new old faves of hers:

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