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Here’s a great mix from Max Wowch via my favorite internet radio station Viva-Radio.

Great for putting on and doing stuff around the house/office/barn/dairyqueen. Sweeping. Sleeping. Whatever your bag is.

Mellllllllllowwwwwwwwwww click here for Max’s mix on his weekly show BURGER TIME.

ok ok, looks like you have to physically click ‘wednesday’ then click ‘burger time,’ then you’re there.

The cool thing about Viva is you can scroll through different lists at will, then if you find a fav dj you can go through their catalogued mixes and listen to them alllllllllll. +PLUS no commercials! YES. YES. AND YES.

ok i have to go to work, enjoy your Wednesday. One last thing>>>if you are East Bayble, come to this SHOW tomorrow NIGHT. One of my new favorite bands, Arms & Legs will be playing. I hear they have a sexy new sax player…and who can resist THAT?

@ the Uptown (OAK) 1928 telegraph ave 8pm $10 (ugh, i know but for serious, this will be a good show). bye!

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1). Maya Hayuk is AMAZING>>>i wanna work with her just to understand how she does her thing with the colors

See for yourself:



2). I am going to start djing pretty regularly on TUESDAYS, hooray!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays will be at THE LAYOVER in Oakland, with 2nds over at Laszlo in SF! Beginning next month! Tentatively called Don’t Tell Tuesdays (with the alternate title on 2nds being Pretty City, as Gail is my bartendress of mix magics).

Looking for something to punch up my Layover eves…anyone interested in food makings?? Very, very excited. And, as always, THE BABE CAVE remains>>Sundays 12-4 also at Laszlo over in SF. free donuts!

3).  This track by Output posted by the fine folks over at the beatelectric blog::::::


plus, lots of rivering, gardening, and painting! getting a hat ready for the Invisible Oceans Raffle for early-ticket-holders…

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Picking up a cd you found in the gutter and finding it to be pretty decent is a nice suprise–and def. better than spending $5 at the bart station on some that don’t hit you at all (tho rumor is you can do exchanges if you’re not satisfied and Supreme seems like a cool dude…). These dudes really want you to call KMEL and request their song.

Ladies and Gents: The Fly Street Gang.

And in case you do want that KMEL request line # >> click here

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has been really doin it for me on the late-nite car stereo:

(this is a good one to let play while you’re doin other interweb stuffs)

and I recently picked up a mixtape with a peep of a christmas song by Princess Superstar (amazing) which I couldn’t find but did find this:


that’s sumptin.

In other news, a live radio show is in the works. The works.

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a mix i found, nice on a grey day like this one

click here to listen

april showers can bring me the may flowers and veggies as soon as they’re ready!

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ooohhh bop


somehow this morning i started with fecalface.com’s homepage and ended up watching an odd interview with devendra banhart

which is slightly BORING, but he mentions Henrik Vibskov, whom I had never heard of but makes great looking stuff…AND THEN…

I found this GUY: William Lemon, who has some of the coolest stuff ever over on his site. I recommend you check him out.

his site is pretty cool, and filled with his clothing stuff, artwork, and crazy body stencils/makeup work he’s done. lots of cool hand-dyed, hand stenciled cool stuff.  i’m dreaming about owning this radical sweatshirt.

i’m also dreaming about this fashionable lady (below), and can’t get this song out of my head:

ok! back to work. had a good time friday at the layover, thanks to all you radical dancers who came out. especially the lady who got everyone to do the electric slide, YOU BLEW MY MIND! xo DTM

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update: i think i met the man who made these bottom notes–he sang an amazing song in an amazing way to fis and i at revolution cafe (oakland). you can find him there, he is trying to start a band and says he can “take you to the stars.” go  on and check him out.

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on the street, a mixtape with the words “Newton – Hope You Enjoy It” written in ballpoint pen (dated 6.93)

and, moments later THIS fly costume hanging in a tree, no one around, 10:45 at night:

Photo 2568


Photo 2569

first song singing something about a “voodoo storm,” and “i was hijacked by a big cat stretchin, a big cat stretchin, i was hijacked by a big cat purrin, a big cat purrin, and the big cat thought it was havin a cat nap but awwhhh naaaw it was a hijacks…”

WTF #2!

oh amazing world, thanks. blessed by oddness. xx

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