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That’s what I’ve been doing. Well, not really. I’ve been focusing more on playing out and running around with the holidays and all. Trying to decide which direction to take with this blog thing. I appologize for not having posted much in the last few busy months.

Thank you so much for making 2010 a magical time of learning and musical fun, I appreciate everyone who helped me make it to 2011 with such good vibes and bright eyes. Here’s to 2011! Make it awesome.

Speaking of awesome:

I want more of this in the New Year! More dancing hard–and not the type I experienced at the Elbo Room the other night. Please, folks, if you’re on the dance floor: try to remember it’s a DANCE floor. It’s ok if you get bumped by a elbow or have a foot stepped on now and again when it’s packed. That’s how you know it’s a good dance party! Ok, let’s work together out there!

In other news:::::::::I’m planning a super-special dance event in SF for February right before Valentimes Day, more info to follow! Stay tuned! And let’s just say it’s going to have a bobby soxer-50’s dress-up feeling. And you’re invited to dress up!

One of my goals in the coming year is to start making and posting mix tapes as well, so keep your ears open. Talk to you soon.



ps>>thanks for the inspiration, Oui. gracias.

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just scored T. Rex’s Electric Warrior album up in the redwoods this weekend >> i remembered it was great but i forgot how much i love this song:

lean woman blues on a monday afternoon

>> in other news, Invisible Oceans has been re-scheduled (and moved)  to NEXT WEEKEND >> look here for info and here for you faaaaaacebookers <<

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Beats In Space

(here’s kenji‘s mix) What’s UP WNYU??!

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has been really doin it for me on the late-nite car stereo:

(this is a good one to let play while you’re doin other interweb stuffs)

and I recently picked up a mixtape with a peep of a christmas song by Princess Superstar (amazing) which I couldn’t find but did find this:


that’s sumptin.

In other news, a live radio show is in the works. The works.

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Oh hi. I know, I know. I dropped the ball a minute in the blog world, but sometimes stepping away from the computer is necessary. In the meantime I collected more more more records, planted a garden (well, RE-planted some of it—damn snails!), and went to Nebraska to visit the fam. I forget just how big the sky can get sometimes:

Now, my loves, I am back. I am ready to jam and dance and play with you again. Last night was a lot of fun at Ye Olde Missouri Lounge, I hope you had a good time too. My favorite jam of the evening? Perhaps it was Atlantic Starr’s “Sexy Dancer,” which I can’t find on youtube but if you go here, you can click the top link and listen to it. Unh! It’s so good! I was also a big fan of this particular jam, and especially of watching everyone slowly get on board with me after a minute or two.

Oh yes. I may have been absent a minute, but we know there’s always tomorrow. We be jammin! We be jammin!

ok. back to the garden. xox

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and this:


in other news: springing// forward.

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