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oh yes, Spring, thanks for bringing back the blue skies —

…and a brand-new mix from Mr. James Mulry (Stachemaster) in NYC, available here for your free download.

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One, my pal Jonny One-Time is back in action making tings—most recent is this rad little number. Video + Song by One-Time


Two: the Pretty City crew is throwin’ a Wayne’s World themed eve at Laszlo on February 8th.














There will be costumes, and there WILL be giant licorice ropes. You will be ours, oh yes, you will be ours.

Thirdly, if you are a facebrookerer: here’s a link to the all lady fronted warehouse party I’ll be spinning at on Feb. 4. Also, a link to my new professional sports team.

xo DTM

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Double Barcie Waite (costume designer extraordinarre) and double Willis! I’ll be spinning records at Laszlo over in San Francisco while Barcie Waite’s costume design shines up on the wall. I’m projecting Death Becomes Her and Hudson Hawk.

Check out some of the excellent outfits Sandra Bernhard rocks in Hudson Hawk:









silk shorts onsie open on the sides (photo is not doing it justice)









turban magic












spiderweb hat?




Amazing. I’m really into her odd shapes and textures, as I remember Death Becomes Her has a similar vibe in the incredible gowns the ladies wear. And Bruce Willis sports a little mustache.

Ahhhh Pretty City! How I love thee–come visit me at Laszlo this eve (click for directions), I’ll be there 9-2 and Gail will be your amazing mixtress on the bar. She makes a mean cocktail and likes it. Feel free to dress up if you’re inspired by Ms. Waite’s vision. I’m bringing all vinyl and I’ve got some great new stuff to groove you with as well. See you tonite!


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As you know, I am making a creepy Babe Cave party happen on the 31st with my friend Sirbo Turbo (aka Robert from Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa)>>here is the frightening flyer my friend Melissa made for the occasion:

The aforementioned M will be in the house painting faces and on hand with various costume items to help you prepare for the evening. Same as usual, 12-4pm at Laszlo (2534 Mission Street//SF)

There are going to be all kinds of things going on Saturday over in the Oaklands as well. I am going to be throwing down some vinyl at one and maybe TWO house parties. Details to follow—for now, here is a sneak preview of my Hiphoctopus costume I have been working on.

Special thanks to Natalie for her sewing help. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

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Oakland, another reason to love you and your mysterious ways. Plus that Fred hoodie is almost blowing my mind as much  as young Miss Kreayshawn (and her video-texting) herself. Almost.

and West Oakland is apparently having underground raves? Whaaa?

Someone take me to this magic land where both the black kids and the white kids hang out and get down dancing in my neighborhood!

Let’s not forget the turf dancing that’s happening over in East Oakland

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OMG, Janelle (aka Ginger) sent me the base for our new flyer for next week. I told her I was looking for big 80’s plaid and floral>>she really delivered. I added some new faces to the mix AND our movie of the evening and VIOLA! >>>

Killer, right?? We are going to be showing Almodovar’s ‘Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” which is FILLED with amazing 80’s pattern fashion. Encouraging you to dress up accordingly. We’ll have some kindof drink special (possibly gazpacho-based???) –Plus, I’ll be playing records ALL NIGHT LONG.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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