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they never disappoint me live and fit well into lots of soundtracks — especially dreamy walks and late nights

feeling without touching:

makes me think of my old dancing partner Mica (when I lived in SF) — we never missed a Glass Candy show.

loving without seeing (that much).

groovy late-night vibe hitting me just right.

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One, my pal Jonny One-Time is back in action making tings—most recent is this rad little number. Video + Song by One-Time


Two: the Pretty City crew is throwin’ a Wayne’s World themed eve at Laszlo on February 8th.














There will be costumes, and there WILL be giant licorice ropes. You will be ours, oh yes, you will be ours.

Thirdly, if you are a facebrookerer: here’s a link to the all lady fronted warehouse party I’ll be spinning at on Feb. 4. Also, a link to my new professional sports team.

xo DTM

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Here’s a great mix from Max Wowch via my favorite internet radio station Viva-Radio.

Great for putting on and doing stuff around the house/office/barn/dairyqueen. Sweeping. Sleeping. Whatever your bag is.

Mellllllllllowwwwwwwwwww click here for Max’s mix on his weekly show BURGER TIME.

ok ok, looks like you have to physically click ‘wednesday’ then click ‘burger time,’ then you’re there.

The cool thing about Viva is you can scroll through different lists at will, then if you find a fav dj you can go through their catalogued mixes and listen to them alllllllllll. +PLUS no commercials! YES. YES. AND YES.

ok i have to go to work, enjoy your Wednesday. One last thing>>>if you are East Bayble, come to this SHOW tomorrow NIGHT. One of my new favorite bands, Arms & Legs will be playing. I hear they have a sexy new sax player…and who can resist THAT?

@ the Uptown (OAK) 1928 telegraph ave 8pm $10 (ugh, i know but for serious, this will be a good show). bye!

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just scored T. Rex’s Electric Warrior album up in the redwoods this weekend >> i remembered it was great but i forgot how much i love this song:

lean woman blues on a monday afternoon

>> in other news, Invisible Oceans has been re-scheduled (and moved)  to NEXT WEEKEND >> look here for info and here for you faaaaaacebookers <<

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Our Ethiopian cabbie gave us a great cab ride across Oakland the other night, playing a mix-tape he’d made for his evening. After a long walk, a lovely dinner, and a bottle of wine, it was the perfect end to a perfect eve.

(Sorry about the wind there towards the end)

6_4_10 11_12 PM

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a mix i found, nice on a grey day like this one

click here to listen

april showers can bring me the may flowers and veggies as soon as they’re ready!

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Bud Lite Afternoonz

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and I dare you to say this video doesn’t rule yours:

sigh. Catherine Ringer, you are a genius.

And how about this bit of trivia: Jean-Baptiste Mondino who (brilliantly) directed the above video is also responsible for this:

and this:



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Phil Collins apparently produced this Frida (from Abba) jam. It’s a sweet jam a jam a jam-mm. I like it as a mid-afternoon pump-up. Try it.

That’s right…TURN IT UP.

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