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Saw a movie last night I LOVED and decided to base the next Pretty City basically around the amazing patterns and fashion in Almodovar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Watch the trailer but prepare yourself for the rich color and giant projection on the wall of Laszlo as I spin all kinds of 80’s electro funky records and you sip Super Gail’s rad cocktail of the evening.

All while wearing a pattern>>think PLAID, GINGHAM, LARGE ROSES, 80’s print blouses and pastel business suits with mini-skirt bottoms. AWWW YEA I WANNA SEE IT.

Thinking the second movie might be Who’s That Girl? But taking suggestions…

Pretty City is a thing I’m doing every 2nd Tuesday over in Laszlo (aka the Babe Cave when it becomes evening-time) with my pal Super Gail. She’s on bar, I’m on decks, Ginger brings the fashion and we all have fun. Movies drinks and dancin. 10-2 October 12. GET READY.


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woke up with this song in my head. luckily i didn’t wake up in that bizarro cafe–

p.s. nice boots, Carl.


BUT WAIT::::UPDATE::::::LOOK HERE —-> ((O)) and HERE —> ((O))

who knew??

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could be this lady with her 45s                       and this lady with her 12″s

will be combining over at the MISSOURI LOUNGE tomorrow evening (10pm-2am) for LADIES NIGHT, then AGAIN for HAPPY HOUR(s) on Friday! WHA?? Get ready, Missy Lounge, you about to be ladied up. And I know that news makes the ladies go


DJs Decent Miracle & Don’t Tell Mom will be looking forward to seeing your feets movin to the beats. Thursday 10-2, Friday 6-10. Missouri Lounge, East Bay styles. xox

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oh man remember Nelly?

looks like he’s tryin to do a little LL Cool J phase, but more 80’s somehow than the 80’s. whaaa?  It’s kind of like if that and Luther Vandross made love to Bone Thugs N Harmony and made this song:

*note the sexy beenie-on doin-it sesh, the obligatory bling flash, the talking breakdown.


How’s your Tuesday? I’m MOOOOOOOVIN/Packin.

DJing a set this FRIDAY at the Missouri Lounge over in Oakland, ya’ll. My first EVER. Happy Hour. Come make it hahahhappy with me, will you? Then maybe I can get a regular night gig there, coverin for a little bit while Mr. Golden Gram is out touring with his band Port O’Brien.


p.s. i’m slowly putting up my NOLA trip photos HERE

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-moskelly at clusterBridget-close

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We been workin hard to get it all edited and put together for YOU! Should be posting next week to Do You Like Do You Like’s blog…


Chrome and Lady Capri go over some footage for their online dating videos—————

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why hello new friends!

BAGARRE -(1982)—–

WHAT! BOB SEGER! (1968)I nevah knew ye—BUT WOWZA—

*click here for side note on that one


happiest communications harmonium transformium unicorn stompindancemagic to ye on this tuesellday!!

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