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As a lady playing music for folks, I often get approached with requests for this or that. Now, I know most dj people don’t like requests, but I *DO. I like to know the song you think of when you hear what I’m playing. This sometimes shows me things I’ve never heard, and might even introduce me to another angle I can go in my set. Plus, the power of only playing vinyl means that when I DO have your song–it’s extra magical.

Here are some of my most recent requests (I try to jot them down and look them up later if I can) —

At the Missouri Lounge the same nice guy has requested Yellow Magic Orchestra a bunch of times — especially this album (which is posted here in it’s youtube entirety)–

Super New-Wave 80’s style.

Last week in a conversation with someone about New Orleans and getting excited for Fat Tuesday, I was told this is is favorite song to rock out and eat gumbo to–

Written on a torn-off piece of paper–Althea & The Memories ‘The Worst Record in the World’–

No idea who it comes from but it’s my favorite of the three so far (sorry).

Jonny Greenwood?

There’s more, I just have to sift around a bit.

*PS–Sometimes I understand why dj folk get upset by requests when the asking folk are mean, beligerant, drunk, or rude about it. Asking nicely is cool. Also, you don’t have to apologize for asking, I think it’s hard enough to go up and ask it they have something. Just be mindful how you’re asking and if you’re asking every other song it’s not so cool. Dj’s — take a breath and be stoked people are listening to what you’re playing enough to approach you. Everybody–just be nice.



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today is a busy day — one thing to the next thing to the next thing — maybe your day is too —

if, after your day, you’re in the mood for dancing — you’re in luck.

Jonny One-Time and I will be holding it down together as part of First Thursdays at the Missouri Lounge!


I’ll be there after 11 — but J1 will be there from 10 on — I’m bringing my dance, I hope you will too.

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1). Maya Hayuk is AMAZING>>>i wanna work with her just to understand how she does her thing with the colors

See for yourself:



2). I am going to start djing pretty regularly on TUESDAYS, hooray!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays will be at THE LAYOVER in Oakland, with 2nds over at Laszlo in SF! Beginning next month! Tentatively called Don’t Tell Tuesdays (with the alternate title on 2nds being Pretty City, as Gail is my bartendress of mix magics).

Looking for something to punch up my Layover eves…anyone interested in food makings?? Very, very excited. And, as always, THE BABE CAVE remains>>Sundays 12-4 also at Laszlo over in SF. free donuts!

3).  This track by Output posted by the fine folks over at the beatelectric blog::::::


plus, lots of rivering, gardening, and painting! getting a hat ready for the Invisible Oceans Raffle for early-ticket-holders…

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Last year you may remember me talking about going up to Mendocino around this time of year to dj the excellent Invisible Ocean festival. My friend Eli has put it together again this year with EVEN MORE AWESOMENESS (if that’s even possible). Take a look at the flyer:

There’s going to be something like 26 bands playing, tons of artists and crafters, sunshine, trees, knees, and good times. Plus a farm-fresh dinner every night. AND CAMPING! With your favorite artists and musicians. No back stage, totally kid-friendly (with late-night time goodness as well). Movies, projections, horseshoes, frisbee, the coast a short drive away, and just a really good time.

If you go to the website, you can read up on the bands, get directions, and most importantly: BUY TICKETS. If you buy them now you are getting a discount/being entered into a rad drawing for some very cool stuff. It is a bargain for all the goodness you will experience, I can’t suggest it enough.

Oh! And I’ll be on hand both nights to ensure (along with Hit the Deck and Jonny One-Time) that some serious late-night dance parties go down. We have been gathering our records/ideas together for weeks now. Serious boogie-ing coming your way.

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this song

and this wig

happy wednesdate

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Sometimes a Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do. AND tomorrow night, Don’t Tell Mom will be playing some records down at the LAYOVER for First Fridays. My very first First Friday gig, evz. Mr. Tim Martinez will have his paintings up in the bar and next door at the gallery, they’ll be mixing some delicious cocktails, and I’m bringing a stack of new stuff. Come shake a leg or two or three.

And watch out for those computer whizzes, ok?

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I’m playing music this weekend a bunch — Friday at the Layover for Happy Hour, and Saturday at the big dance bash over at the Oasis. Come Friday and have a drink on a cozy couch, then come dance under a homemade disco ball in strobe lights on Saturday night. Solo on Friday and gettin down with the Boogeymenz on Saturday–Facebook peeps look here for the FB invite Joseph made just for you.


‘S gunna be good. AND I’m meeting today with my Do You Like gals to do some editing of the giant backlog of video we have for you. Expect to see some bmxing and more Andrew Rubin Stevenstein soon. In other news: how about THIS INCREDIBLE WEATHER?? Ah, California, you and your siren song of sunshine and blue sky.

Have an excellent Thursday, y’all.


p.p.s. don’t forget BABE CAVE on sunday. WHEW, musical weekend!

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could be this lady with her 45s                       and this lady with her 12″s

will be combining over at the MISSOURI LOUNGE tomorrow evening (10pm-2am) for LADIES NIGHT, then AGAIN for HAPPY HOUR(s) on Friday! WHA?? Get ready, Missy Lounge, you about to be ladied up. And I know that news makes the ladies go


DJs Decent Miracle & Don’t Tell Mom will be looking forward to seeing your feets movin to the beats. Thursday 10-2, Friday 6-10. Missouri Lounge, East Bay styles. xox

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GUESS WHO’s DJing tonite?


ok ok you got me, IT”S ME!

tonite tonite tonite 6-8pm at the Layover in downtown Oakland, near the 19th street BART stop…come try it out with me!

afterward we may head over to the Oasis for laaaaaaaaadies niiiiiiiiiiiight>>ooooh weeeeeeeeeee

Have a good Thursday, y’all!

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Gems such as this:

reside over here on my flickr page — you can also find more pics over here on Yori Live’s facebook page.

my favorite being this one (of course):

dj don't tell tron & cansafis mixing beats/gin & tronics

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