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and you never know what will happen when she’s around.

my mom’s the best

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could be this lady with her 45s                       and this lady with her 12″s

will be combining over at the MISSOURI LOUNGE tomorrow evening (10pm-2am) for LADIES NIGHT, then AGAIN for HAPPY HOUR(s) on Friday! WHA?? Get ready, Missy Lounge, you about to be ladied up. And I know that news makes the ladies go


DJs Decent Miracle & Don’t Tell Mom will be looking forward to seeing your feets movin to the beats. Thursday 10-2, Friday 6-10. Missouri Lounge, East Bay styles. xox

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and I dare you to say this video doesn’t rule yours:

sigh. Catherine Ringer, you are a genius.

And how about this bit of trivia: Jean-Baptiste Mondino who (brilliantly) directed the above video is also responsible for this:

and this:



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Oh goodness, this is making me so happy right now!

alright! now let’s pick it up with ‘boot the moon!’

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Phil Collins apparently produced this Frida (from Abba) jam. It’s a sweet jam a jam a jam-mm. I like it as a mid-afternoon pump-up. Try it.

That’s right…TURN IT UP.

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My Mom is Ruling It Hard.

Check her out if you don’t believe me:


This is her on a four-wheeler jamming hard————————^

and THIS, down here is her in Maui, where she tried surfing and didn’t quit until she GOT UP. She surfed two waves, even. RADNICAL. ———————————v
surfer mom

I’ve never even tried to surf but this lady is inspiring me to try, as well as neat new friends such as the ruling hard Jasmin Lim who has organized a show (feat.Keegan McHargue, Hana Lee, and others) you should see at Painted Bird and is a body surfer (side note: if you haven’t yet, please check out Dear & Yonder, a surf movie by Tiffany Campbell & Andria Lessler).

Cleaning out the rekkids, found this one from my childhood that I love and coincidentally to this post, reminds me of my MOMMA. Glad you’re having a great vacay, Ma!

and now: The Judds, performing Why Not Me:

let’s do this one too, shall we?


GOOD WORK LADIES! Have a great Tuesday!

love, Don’t Tell Mom (cuz she already KNOWS)

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The Blow was asking for videos for their song “Pile of Gold,” so one day long ago my then-new friend *Hannah and I took 13 hours of our day to construct these costumes:


and make this video:

*dear hannah, whatever happened to you?

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