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Good stuff, Feb, good stuff. Here’s to MARCH – – and may I put in a request for more snow, please?

Helped Eliza with her mural @ RTS   —  lovely lanterns & lunch at Kayla’s

The Bordeaux formed & played a show — 3 More months til I’m an Auntie!

Bama is the best naughty dog ever     —   a very sweet Valentine’s day

H O T T U B I S T A N!

(happy birthday, steve dood)

Some pretty outstanding BABE CAVE’s too, I gotta say. Check our Faceybook profile for those pics — better yet, STOP BY and win your own wearable & photo up there. So stoked and blessed, looking forward to March and if we’re going to get some snow around here finally or no. Hope your quick Spring is allowing you to cherish your friends and fam — can’t wait to see what’s next!



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oh yes, Spring, thanks for bringing back the blue skies —

…and a brand-new mix from Mr. James Mulry (Stachemaster) in NYC, available here for your free download.

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One, my pal Jonny One-Time is back in action making tings—most recent is this rad little number. Video + Song by One-Time


Two: the Pretty City crew is throwin’ a Wayne’s World themed eve at Laszlo on February 8th.














There will be costumes, and there WILL be giant licorice ropes. You will be ours, oh yes, you will be ours.

Thirdly, if you are a facebrookerer: here’s a link to the all lady fronted warehouse party I’ll be spinning at on Feb. 4. Also, a link to my new professional sports team.

xo DTM

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Oakland, another reason to love you and your mysterious ways. Plus that Fred hoodie is almost blowing my mind as much  as young Miss Kreayshawn (and her video-texting) herself. Almost.

and West Oakland is apparently having underground raves? Whaaa?

Someone take me to this magic land where both the black kids and the white kids hang out and get down dancing in my neighborhood!

Let’s not forget the turf dancing that’s happening over in East Oakland

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1). Maya Hayuk is AMAZING>>>i wanna work with her just to understand how she does her thing with the colors

See for yourself:



2). I am going to start djing pretty regularly on TUESDAYS, hooray!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays will be at THE LAYOVER in Oakland, with 2nds over at Laszlo in SF! Beginning next month! Tentatively called Don’t Tell Tuesdays (with the alternate title on 2nds being Pretty City, as Gail is my bartendress of mix magics).

Looking for something to punch up my Layover eves…anyone interested in food makings?? Very, very excited. And, as always, THE BABE CAVE remains>>Sundays 12-4 also at Laszlo over in SF. free donuts!

3).  This track by Output posted by the fine folks over at the beatelectric blog::::::


plus, lots of rivering, gardening, and painting! getting a hat ready for the Invisible Oceans Raffle for early-ticket-holders…

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has been really doin it for me on the late-nite car stereo:

(this is a good one to let play while you’re doin other interweb stuffs)

and I recently picked up a mixtape with a peep of a christmas song by Princess Superstar (amazing) which I couldn’t find but did find this:


that’s sumptin.

In other news, a live radio show is in the works. The works.

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By way of Wikipedia —

Researching the movie “Soup For One

led me to one of my favorite nerdy sister bands, The Roches — (because Suzzy had a cameo in the film?)

which led me to Phoebe Snow who apparently covered their “The Married Men,” and parlayed it into a “hit.”

She and Linda Ronstadt covered it together on Saturday Night Live in 1979.

here is the  1 2 3 4 route I took down the wiki highway to find out about the soundtrack for Soup for One and ended up learning that Suzzy Roche had a baby with Loudon Wainwright III. And this was my first introduction to loving The Roches.

Now I’m off to make a bird feeder for the garden. Happy Tueselday, y’all. xo

(this post is loaded with things for you to click)

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and you never know what will happen when she’s around.

my mom’s the best

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could be this lady with her 45s                       and this lady with her 12″s

will be combining over at the MISSOURI LOUNGE tomorrow evening (10pm-2am) for LADIES NIGHT, then AGAIN for HAPPY HOUR(s) on Friday! WHA?? Get ready, Missy Lounge, you about to be ladied up. And I know that news makes the ladies go


DJs Decent Miracle & Don’t Tell Mom will be looking forward to seeing your feets movin to the beats. Thursday 10-2, Friday 6-10. Missouri Lounge, East Bay styles. xox

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and I dare you to say this video doesn’t rule yours:

sigh. Catherine Ringer, you are a genius.

And how about this bit of trivia: Jean-Baptiste Mondino who (brilliantly) directed the above video is also responsible for this:

and this:



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