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As Hot Chocolate says, EVERYONE’S A WINNER — and that couldn’t be more true than in The Babe Cave. We’ve been drawing on and giving away a wearable item every Sunday for weeks. I’ve collected photos of the last month of winners to show to you now, come on down one Sunday and perhaps the winner will be YOU!



ImageAlso, if you haven’t seen/heard it before: Hot Chocolate sings it to you now —

Also — top secret! I’ll be djing this Tuesday (tomorrow) over at Iron & Gold in SF from 9:30 on, it’s a birthday dance party and rumor has it drinks are strong and the space is beee-utiful! See you there??

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So stoked to be in the BABE CAVE today! I’ll be joined by two lovely ladies over in the DJ corner: my friend Melissa will be learning how to operate the decks, and my friend Eliza will be there setting up a display of her wannamake ceramic objects. I’ve been gone the last couple of weeks and while I’m sad CansaFis won’t be there today, I’m stoked to have a lady corner!

I’ve been visiting Eliza’s studio here in Oakland while she’s doing a residency at Real Time & Space gallery, and I love all the slipcast stuff she’s been making. Check out this necklace vessel:


You might remember Eliza from coming into the Babe Cave months ago with her sewing machine and two types of fabric; you could sign up and she would appraise your outfit then make you an accessory that went with it. Soon everyone in the bar had something different made from the same fabric and she calls this experiment ‘Let’s Be Matching.’ We’re delighted to host her again in the Cave.

Looking forward to playing some new records: I’ll be there 12-6 today rocking out the jams. Hope to see you there!


Can’t get enough of this new Symbolick Jews record, expect to hear a few licks from this excellent band.

Yay for Sunday!



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I was experimenting with making these little art instruction videos for my kid pals (grown-ups welcome, too), this is my first (unedited) attempt at doing so. DEFINITELY DO NOT PIN THINGS STRAIGHT ONTO YOUR HAT — take it off or ask a helper for sure. Here we go!


What can you come up with using stuff from around the house?

PS —  this is Thor:And this is Thor riding a bike made of hammers:

Lookin’ good, bro!

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