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good tuesday to ye

i think my sister would dig this jam – –

i’m rocking out to this live Knife stuff this morning – –

and speaking of engrossing performances, Tastyville is playing this evening at the Stork Club in Oakland. Can’t wait to see what they will present (spoiler alert: 9-piece HORN SECTION…they’re on first I think, so get there early).


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Wise words, 2012. Something to think about indeed. This song comes to mind as I ruminate this thought—

(feel free to push play as you read the rest of this)

Ah, are you getting enough happiness? Are you getting enough of what makes you happy?? A thought good to sit with as Winter (or “Winter” in the Bay area) winds it’s good way toward Spring. I am happy but I am also searching — lots of new things in the works and on my mind. Had a great conversation tonite with a good friend that really set me thinkin’. I’ll keep you updated.

Looking forward to dancing tomorrow night at the White Horse after the SHOCK show at the BAM. Well…full disclosure: I’m missing the SHOCK show to go see Pina in 3D (holy cow, watch this trailer!) — but will be dancing with lots of pals afterward over at the White Horse. You should check one or both or all three out, they all promise to be  a m a z i n g.

Dancing makes me happy, and so does dancing with my friends. Come on down and join us if you like.

Whaaaaaaaaat else?

1. Drawing every day

2. Looking for someone with a “Steam Punk” aesthetic to artfully build out a cool bitsy coffee shop in SF

3. Planning this year’s Super Bowl Super Babe Cave — expect to see a LIVE MEZZANINE performance by LE MUTANT (on tour from France!)

4. Gotta get some zzzzz’s — see you next time.



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Aloha, pals of DTM etc — pardon my absence, and accept my fond apologies for neglecting you, little blog o’ mine.

I see you’ve changed in my absence, I am now required to choose something called a “gravitar,” and have done so. I’m not sure what this means/where it appears so here, for you, dear reader, is my “gravitar” in full:

Oh YEA! — That be some gravitar-ing alright. GRAVITARING THRU SPACE >> THAT”S RIGHT. Thanks for lookin’ and thanks Michael (?) for your fine navigation skills and earplugs tip over there at Parachute Center  in Lodi.  Thanks too, to Mr. Foote celebrating anudda year — many more to ya.



–The weekly party I have been hosting since 2009. That’s right — we have entered 2012 just as we did in 2009 — in the warm and wonderful Laszlo Bar in San Francisco. We still have FREE DONUTS (courtesy of The Jelly D over on S. Van Ness — holla!), and have added many *new and **awesome additions since we began over three years ago.


See our FB profile for all our raffle winners: HERE

**Awesome: This guy joined the team –>>

And the BCv is waaay more entertaining with him, his boardgames, mustache, and general panache. We’ve also gained another young man in the cave, Mr. Alex Swain: a debonaire and excellent bloody mary maker.

Things are good with us, you should stop by on a Sunday and say hello. We are still there 12-4, and sometimes 6. Tomorrow is going to be one of those “til 6” kind of days, something tells me. Mr. Fis over there figured out how we can project tomorrow’s big football game up on the wall of The Babe Cave. If this works, expect to see the Superbowl up there later in February. We’ll still be playing rad records and hanging out and things are in the works to have our own LIVE HALFTIME SHOW at that event, so stay tuned. (Hint: check out this awesome band Le Mutant…)

In other news, I’m going to try and keep this thing updated more regularly, in an attempt to stay internettently connected with you and yours without being so beholden to the facebooooooo — i like it just fine, I love looking at yr photos but let’s branch out, shall we?

I’m also pretty happy posting as “Sweetsman” over there on the ol’ instagram for you fancy phone photo folk —

And I’ve got new work (always changing) over at my (still) favorite (and awesome) coffee shop GRAND COFFEE (good work Bilby!). Stop by and leave me a note or your friend a free coffee drawing up on the wall.

Awesomeness! What’s up with you?



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