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they never disappoint me live and fit well into lots of soundtracks — especially dreamy walks and late nights

feeling without touching:

makes me think of my old dancing partner Mica (when I lived in SF) — we never missed a Glass Candy show.

loving without seeing (that much).

groovy late-night vibe hitting me just right.

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Hi pals, sorry for the mega-hiatus. Stuff has been going down left and right and this little blog just got caught in the swirl of it. BUT SUMMER IS NOW HERE and all this lovely sunshine brings things back to life, doesn’t it?

Speaking of being brought to life, I just got back from a re-charger in Nebraska with my Sister and friends and boy didn’t that ship shape me right up. Here’s a photo of my friend Eliza’s Quilt Tents set up at my Sister’s place on my last day in town:

  What else is new, you ask? Well let’s start with what is old — or rather, what is constant — and that is THE BABE CAVE. We have been doing The Cave for a little over two years now, so I’d say that qualifies as something pretty constant. Every single Sunday we take over Laszlo Bar in San Francisco, where they serve the delicious brunch from Foreign Cinema while I play records. We have recently added Mr. CansaFis Foote to our every-sunday brunch line-up as well. Mr. Foote excells at drawing up a special shirt or other wearable and then raffles it off for FREE — you may win just by virtue of being there. Check out some of the last few week’s winners and there magical prizes below:

So that’s going great — come by any Sunday and you’re in for a treat. 2534 Mission Street @21st & 22nd Streets — bring a board game and your friends.

There are so many things I’ve working on/doing but this next thing is ONE OF THE BEST! It’s C.A.M.P. — and we’ve been planning it for months!

Camp Art Music Party is going to be the BEST EVER! Basically, we are taking over Camp Outback in Guerneville CA and making it into an awesome campinf music festival. It’s been likened to Camp for adults, though kids are welcome too. The daytime will be very kid friendly though there will be beer and late-night music going on everyday so make sure your kid is a deep sleeper or stay in one of the many hotels and other sleep-spots Guerneville has to offer just around the corner.

The extra beauty of this Fest is it’s proximity to a) town, b) the river, c) alternative sleep-zones for those non-campers, and d) mini-golf. That’s right. Mini-golf.

We got a little write-up over here if you want to take a look: ——->> (click) And here is our lovely website so you can check out all the events and musicicans and djs playing ——>> (click)  I will be there playing music with my new band Band Practice and as a dj on Sunday, but as a floater in all other realms as well. I’ll be leading some nature hikes to the river with my friend RV, lending a hand setting up and teaching a class over in the craft tent, maxing and relaxing in the sunshine, and playing A LOT of frisbee. We are nearly sold out of tickets, so if you haven’t gotten yours – – give it your best shot.

I have access to a couple extras if you realllly want to go and are having problems finding a ticket. SO CHEAP! $50 gets you camping and music for THREE FULL DAYS. Can you EVEN believe it?!?! Amazing. It’s going to be great. Here’s a video my friend Luke made about it:

And that’s about it on the catch-up trip! I am looking forward to dance parties and blue skies all summer long. Oh! Speaking of dance parties — I’ll be at the Missouri Lounge tomorrow evening for a night of funky dance jams and R&B hits around 9:30 until closing.

It’s my First Thursdays Don’t Tell Mom I’m at the Missouri Lounge thing. Did I mention there’s a patio??????? A HUGE PATIO with people grilling delicious things for you to eat and bartenders serving up some fine drink specials.

It’s one of my favorites, feel free to come on down and say hi.

I will also have the 2 aforementioned tickets to CAMP if you’re so inclined.

Ok! Now it’s onto my Wednesday! I hope you’ve been having great weeks and months and days and we will see one another soon! Thanks for reading!







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