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all things in balance_______v


(thanks to mjb Mr. B tester)

note on above vid–while still a good song, please don’t watch past 2:21 if you are easily offended or creeped out by scary stuffs.

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“if it look dis good i wondahhh how it taaaas'”

the amazing thing about that jam is that it comes at the end of this:

(DONT CLICK THE “prompt” on the video that asks if you “want to see the ‘official’ version..” it’s a trick. BUT DAMN WHAT A GOOD TRICK, i only wish their music was better. haaaaaa be warned)

in other smooth jams:

yea yeah ….. yea yeahhhhhh

Thanks, viva-radio! And thanks CFCF of DYWNWODYWTT. x

OK—> coming up:  Sunday Babe Cave (SF) //Tuesday @The Layover (OAK)//Bike Joust (TBD) 3.16?


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oh yes, Spring, thanks for bringing back the blue skies —

…and a brand-new mix from Mr. James Mulry (Stachemaster) in NYC, available here for your free download.

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i recommend turning the volume off & playing them all at once.

who wants to?

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