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— the SAUCE tonite over at the LAYOVER in oakland, you know, that rad bar where you can get a bad-ass cocktail while sitting in a cool old chair and then buy the cool old chair on your way out? yea, that’s the place. all the furniture/light fixtures are FOR SALE>>  10-2am, you + me + my vinyl + the layover = winning combination.

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Double Barcie Waite (costume designer extraordinarre) and double Willis! I’ll be spinning records at Laszlo over in San Francisco while Barcie Waite’s costume design shines up on the wall. I’m projecting Death Becomes Her and Hudson Hawk.

Check out some of the excellent outfits Sandra Bernhard rocks in Hudson Hawk:









silk shorts onsie open on the sides (photo is not doing it justice)









turban magic












spiderweb hat?




Amazing. I’m really into her odd shapes and textures, as I remember Death Becomes Her has a similar vibe in the incredible gowns the ladies wear. And Bruce Willis sports a little mustache.

Ahhhh Pretty City! How I love thee–come visit me at Laszlo this eve (click for directions), I’ll be there 9-2 and Gail will be your amazing mixtress on the bar. She makes a mean cocktail and likes it. Feel free to dress up if you’re inspired by Ms. Waite’s vision. I’m bringing all vinyl and I’ve got some great new stuff to groove you with as well. See you tonite!


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Oh YEA oh YEA I’ve been on computer hiatus but I am back, and with a fancy new flyer for my fancy new nights over at The Layover. A regular bi-monthly gig, whatchooo think about that?

Photos of the last couple weeks to come shortly, downloading and switching computer vibes to be better about that again. Thanks for your patience — how was your Hallows?

Back at you ASAP

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