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Not enough exercise today? Too much spice in my food? Two coffee-afternoon? (ONE, TWO) The heat? I dunno but I am definitely U.A.N.>>

Getting very stoked for OCTOBER, y’all. One of my favorite months in this BIG COUNTRY

Planning an extra-special Babe Cave-O-Ween extravaganza, starring Sirbo Turbo, me as a giant octopus, and M as the resident costumer. She’ll be there raising $$ for her Sunset Boat Party ticket. B/C if M wants anything, it’s to dance.

You’re not gonna wanna miss this one. Flier coming soon. Oh, and one more thing>>>

Cuz I’m not sleeeeeeeeepinnnnn

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Babe Cave >> today. SUNDAY 9/26 >> all MP3 set // bring a request >> bring a MP3 machine and your song will get played. PLUS++mini-cupcakes from Mission Minis. MISSION MINIS!

i took a cab there to hold her, i took a plane there to feel what she felt


STAY ALIVE // COME HAVE FUN // MP3 WITH ME >> shh just Don’t Tell the Vinyl. XO

2534 MISSION STREET @ 21st & 22nd SF (btw I’m pretty sure it’s the time of year when SF is WARMER than OAKLAND dudes) hot beats cool streets >> we treat you right.

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Saw a movie last night I LOVED and decided to base the next Pretty City basically around the amazing patterns and fashion in Almodovar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Watch the trailer but prepare yourself for the rich color and giant projection on the wall of Laszlo as I spin all kinds of 80’s electro funky records and you sip Super Gail’s rad cocktail of the evening.

All while wearing a pattern>>think PLAID, GINGHAM, LARGE ROSES, 80’s print blouses and pastel business suits with mini-skirt bottoms. AWWW YEA I WANNA SEE IT.

Thinking the second movie might be Who’s That Girl? But taking suggestions…

Pretty City is a thing I’m doing every 2nd Tuesday over in Laszlo (aka the Babe Cave when it becomes evening-time) with my pal Super Gail. She’s on bar, I’m on decks, Ginger brings the fashion and we all have fun. Movies drinks and dancin. 10-2 October 12. GET READY.

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1). Maya Hayuk is AMAZING>>>i wanna work with her just to understand how she does her thing with the colors

See for yourself:



2). I am going to start djing pretty regularly on TUESDAYS, hooray!

1st & 3rd Tuesdays will be at THE LAYOVER in Oakland, with 2nds over at Laszlo in SF! Beginning next month! Tentatively called Don’t Tell Tuesdays (with the alternate title on 2nds being Pretty City, as Gail is my bartendress of mix magics).

Looking for something to punch up my Layover eves…anyone interested in food makings?? Very, very excited. And, as always, THE BABE CAVE remains>>Sundays 12-4 also at Laszlo over in SF. free donuts!

3).  This track by Output posted by the fine folks over at the beatelectric blog::::::


plus, lots of rivering, gardening, and painting! getting a hat ready for the Invisible Oceans Raffle for early-ticket-holders…

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(ahh friends — starring Ms. Gesundheit of Snowblink, made by Ms. Lowenthal over at DW’s fort & found thru Cass over here at G&G)


(The Pack! way into Berkeley high school boys making rad music…then getting yr single heard by Too $hort and being signed to his label. Check out the song that did it for them here)


(thank you Luke Judd for introducing me to this highly entertaining blog>> Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

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just scored T. Rex’s Electric Warrior album up in the redwoods this weekend >> i remembered it was great but i forgot how much i love this song:

lean woman blues on a monday afternoon

>> in other news, Invisible Oceans has been re-scheduled (and moved)  to NEXT WEEKEND >> look here for info and here for you faaaaaacebookers <<

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Last year you may remember me talking about going up to Mendocino around this time of year to dj the excellent Invisible Ocean festival. My friend Eli has put it together again this year with EVEN MORE AWESOMENESS (if that’s even possible). Take a look at the flyer:

There’s going to be something like 26 bands playing, tons of artists and crafters, sunshine, trees, knees, and good times. Plus a farm-fresh dinner every night. AND CAMPING! With your favorite artists and musicians. No back stage, totally kid-friendly (with late-night time goodness as well). Movies, projections, horseshoes, frisbee, the coast a short drive away, and just a really good time.

If you go to the website, you can read up on the bands, get directions, and most importantly: BUY TICKETS. If you buy them now you are getting a discount/being entered into a rad drawing for some very cool stuff. It is a bargain for all the goodness you will experience, I can’t suggest it enough.

Oh! And I’ll be on hand both nights to ensure (along with Hit the Deck and Jonny One-Time) that some serious late-night dance parties go down. We have been gathering our records/ideas together for weeks now. Serious boogie-ing coming your way.

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