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Just a reminder that I DO listen to other things than disco. Bay Area rock scene, I’m paying attention.


go sean pp & anthony << nodzzz 4 evzzz


A music vid for every song on their last album–click here to witness. Awesome.

The Splinters

Lady rock band from Oakland, a staple on 90.7 at the moment.

I look forward to backyard summer BBQ jams and hope all these bands are playing them when I get there. BUY THEIR RECORDS, don’t be afraid.



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Our Ethiopian cabbie gave us a great cab ride across Oakland the other night, playing a mix-tape he’d made for his evening. After a long walk, a lovely dinner, and a bottle of wine, it was the perfect end to a perfect eve.

(Sorry about the wind there towards the end)

6_4_10 11_12 PM

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