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Die Antwood brings more ahem BOUNCE to the OUNCE (if by “ounce,” you mean “d & b’s bobbin in a pair of dark side of the moon underpants). Please enjoy:

“What does that mean?”

“Whatevah, man. *uck ‘Em.”

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Caution: a bit racy in the language department, you’ve been warned.

This is a recording i made of my friends outside the new Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan movie: Cop Out.

Fis is imitating as many comedians as we can throw at him. Pretty hilarious, especially Seinfeld & Gottfried. Enjoy:

comedian impersonation


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By way of Wikipedia —

Researching the movie “Soup For One

led me to one of my favorite nerdy sister bands, The Roches — (because Suzzy had a cameo in the film?)

which led me to Phoebe Snow who apparently covered their “The Married Men,” and parlayed it into a “hit.”

She and Linda Ronstadt covered it together on Saturday Night Live in 1979.

here is theĀ  1 2 3 4 route I took down the wiki highway to find out about the soundtrack for Soup for One and ended up learning that Suzzy Roche had a baby with Loudon Wainwright III. And this was my first introduction to loving The Roches.

Now I’m off to make a bird feeder for the garden. Happy Tueselday, y’all. xo

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I’m playing music this weekend a bunch — Friday at the Layover for Happy Hour, and Saturday at the big dance bash over at the Oasis. Come Friday and have a drink on a cozy couch, then come dance under a homemade disco ball in strobe lights on Saturday night. Solo on Friday and gettin down with the Boogeymenz on Saturday–Facebook peeps look here for the FB invite Joseph made just for you.


‘S gunna be good. AND I’m meeting today with my Do You Like gals to do some editing of the giant backlog of video we have for you. Expect to see some bmxing and more Andrew Rubin Stevenstein soon. In other news: how about THIS INCREDIBLE WEATHER?? Ah, California, you and your siren song of sunshine and blue sky.

Have an excellent Thursday, y’all.


p.p.s. don’t forget BABE CAVE on sunday. WHEW, musical weekend!

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and you never know what will happen when she’s around.

my mom’s the best

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and please, hold out til at LEAST 1:10.

nighty night! xx, East

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