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I’ve been in love with my Hot Chocolate records for a while but had no idea that this sad pretty ballad existed. Their early stuff is pretty smooth and string-filled. Like Brother Louie (with guest vocal by the excellent Alexis Korner). But most of the stuff I play by them is decidedly disco…and VERY dancey.

Like i just love what you’re doing which I couldn’t find the video for but is an excellent jam. (Click to listen)

And here’s the first one that captured me with it’s awesomeness:

(my friend GJP does a killer version of this song by the way)

Alright, thanks to everyone who came out to the Oasis last night for KC Bull’s bday bash, your dancing was amazing. Next time I spin at the Oasis is on Ladies Night February 4th, I’ll keep you posted. Have a dry and excellent Wednesday, all!

xo DTM

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Don’t Tell Mom & Golden Gram playing your favorite dance HITS all over the Missouri Lounge.We gonna take it OVER with the GOOD VIBES! Come and dance if you want to:::::


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Shanna and I were researching accents on the interwebs and found this:

Which led us to make this:

Looking forward to more fun and video-magics in the New Year.


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