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He must be related to the pigeons outside of the Popeye’s chicken shop in the Mission.

I like the ping pong table styles, Snoopy. We won’t be needing one as we found a kitchen table and some chairs at Salvation Army. The new spot is now rug-filled and 90% moved in, now we just have to put things away. Looking forward to a mellow Thanksgiving with my sweetie at our new home playing records and being thankful for all the events/people/magic that has led me to this point. I’ll be thinking of you. Hope your T Week is fantastic.













Happy Thanksgivering and safe travels all! xx

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oh man remember Nelly?

looks like he’s tryin to do a little LL Cool J phase, but more 80’s somehow than the 80’s. whaaa?  It’s kind of like if that and Luther Vandross made love to Bone Thugs N Harmony and made this song:

*note the sexy beenie-on doin-it sesh, the obligatory bling flash, the talking breakdown.


How’s your Tuesday? I’m MOOOOOOOVIN/Packin.

DJing a set this FRIDAY at the Missouri Lounge over in Oakland, ya’ll. My first EVER. Happy Hour. Come make it hahahhappy with me, will you? Then maybe I can get a regular night gig there, coverin for a little bit while Mr. Golden Gram is out touring with his band Port O’Brien.


p.s. i’m slowly putting up my NOLA trip photos HERE

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Hello! I am back from New Orleans with a fresh batch of records and good vibes to go around. Please come say hello tomorrow afternoon/early eve when I do a special set at Local 123 over in Berkeley. I’ll be spinning the jams while they make you the delicious coffees and such. Plus, my artwork is up all over the walls.

We gonna have a good timessssss

oh yea>>> and I’m puttin up Nola pictures tomorrrrow. YES and Do You Liking today—-so look for some more Do You Like sooooooooon. See you tomorrow??


Don’t Tell Mom

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