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It might be best if you click on over to my flickr account to see a full photo-report of what’s been goin’ on.

I’ve had friends in town, dj-ed my boss’s 50th birthday party, halloween partied on a boat, went haunted housing, shot some Do You Like, made friends with zombies, babe caved, danced backstage at MGMT on treasure island, and more I’m forgetting. Whirlwind, whirlwind. Today is the last day I’ll be posting for a bit, as I am off on a southern adventure with my first trip to New Orleans. I’ll be there in time for Día de los Muertos, and Halloween. Should be a grand adventure. I’ll be sure to take plenty o’ pics for ya’ll.

In other news, Do You Like has the first two parts of Episode 2 up. Watch them here and some other gems too on our youtube account, on our blog, or just check out the first two parts below.


See you soon baboon! xo

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A special youtube mix tape today in honor of my boss JC, who turns fabulous 50 today, and doesn’t look a day over 33. May your eyes always keep that sparkle, and your poncho never tear. It’s a pleasure to have made your acquaintance over these past four years. Hope your day is as special as the lady who told me you’d enjoy these songs:

happy birthday jammer.



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This weekend I am going to be part of another David Wilson production (remember him from Angel Island and the Fort Show? please take a look at his blog if you are not familiar with the wonderfulness that is DW).

A troupe of us will be performing this weekend at The Treasure Island Music Festival during the headlining MGMT set, doing live light manipulations. The excellent Jeffrey Manson and DW have masterminded a magical show that includes light projected from within (and onto) pyramids built by Mr. Elias Reitz, a live video feed onto a JUMBO TRON, and yours truely dancing on-stage with light projecting onto mylar ‘wings.’ Difficult to describe but if any of you are familiar with Manson’s work at Invisible Oceans or Angel Island, you’ll know it’s going to be magical. I took some photos of a practice we had last night and made a little stop-motion vid for you to check out (That’s DW dancing in front of Jupiter there at the end).

But first, a video from the band MGMT (a song that I’m sure you will recognize):

and here’s practice last nite:

If you’re coming out, I’ll hope to see you there. I’ll post a vid of what we end up doing after this weekend. YES! Friend collaboration is the BEST! Have an excellent weekend, friends!

***P.S.>>> MGMT is playing a secret show tonight at The Independent in SF, try to get tickets! A smaller group of us will be trying out some of the projections there>>>GO!

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We just met today! Radical——–

Turn it UP!

Always searching! Always searching! For the destination! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m gunna get there!

Thank you, Toyah.  And happy afternoon, ya’ll. Enjoy that rain yesterday? Feel that tropical air today? Welcome to San Francisco’s secret summer. Best time of the year, far as I’m concerned.

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Oh goodness, this is making me so happy right now!

alright! now let’s pick it up with ‘boot the moon!’

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and please let that include coming to the BABE CAVE today, we have some special treats in store for you. Including (but not limited to) the films of Bridget Irish, special guest DJ In Heat, and (as always) FREE DONUTS>>> be there or BE [] SQUARE. 12-6pm 2534 Mission Street (@21st & 22nd) SF.

Bagarre agaiiiiiiiiiin for your pleasure:


(or Kano) Just JOIN US in the Babababababababaveeeeeeeeee and sway a little while you drink a Mimosa, won’tcha??

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-moskelly at clusterBridget-close

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