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ono! dtm but i think somethin’s happenin

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TONITE! Special Evening edition of the Babe Cave 10pm-2am, Laszlo Bar 2534 Mission Street @21st. Do come, won’t you?? Iffun I get a lotsa people. I may get a regular gig! RADNESS. Off to buy some more records!! But please enjoy these songs while you prepare to come visit me later.  XOXO

P.S. I promise not to play that last one if you “come on over.” Just makin sure you’re payin attention…

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All in one vid, courtest of DJ Panos. Thank you sir, for the funky youtube mix. Enjoy.

p.s. show u a pic of what i’m working on in a second…

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Grover, you are eternally the best.

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DYL is TAPING a full schedule today, Ya’ll! Stay TUNED:::::::::


Have a GREAT day, take a page from Roosevelt Franklin and LOVE THE SKIN you in!

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Strikeforce is “in town,” and I wanna go. We can drink Rockstar and cheer for my old college buddy Ben “The Teacher” Holscher. While he punches other people. In an arena. In Fresno. If we get our tickets by September 27, we get a limited edition Strikeforce Poster!


P.S. I’m not kidding. If you have a car and a serious interest in checking out something not from everyday life, hit me back, yo. Life! WTF? WWF! Let’s go do something weird, and have a really really rad time doing it.


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