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off to sleepy landnowwww byyyye

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on the street, a mixtape with the words “Newton – Hope You Enjoy It” written in ballpoint pen (dated 6.93)

and, moments later THIS fly costume hanging in a tree, no one around, 10:45 at night:

Photo 2568


Photo 2569

first song singing something about a “voodoo storm,” and “i was hijacked by a big cat stretchin, a big cat stretchin, i was hijacked by a big cat purrin, a big cat purrin, and the big cat thought it was havin a cat nap but awwhhh naaaw it was a hijacks…”

WTF #2!

oh amazing world, thanks. blessed by oddness. xx

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Inquiring Do You Likers, please L O O K H E R E

feel free to enjoy this excellent eddie grant J A M whilst you peruse…and think about how hard you’re gonna wanna feel our looooove as we keep figuring out WHOWHATWHEREDO you like.

shanna chin

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You’re not gonna wanna miss this! My pal Eli has been working on this festival all summer and then some. Come celebrate his labors this Labor Day weekend by camping in the middle of nowhere, eating delicious food, watching 30+ bands, stomping it up in the all-night dance barn, and SO S OS SOSOSOS much more. I’ll be there as DJ Don’t Tell Mom, and we’ll be needing your dance magic, so get online and get your tickets ASAP!

invisible ocean

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so imma gonnna try and paint it out

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up dere


Picture 6

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dear pals,

I have not updated very faithfully, as I have difficulty with the pain of uploading photos to this dang thingamagigga. If I go all “Turbo,” does that mean I get special perks? I mean, COME OHHHWN! If all ya’ll LUHV this thing so much, teach me how ta use it, will ya??

as a side note, i have just started making brand new puff clothes which will be appearing at Gravel & Gold over on 19th and Lexington (between 21-20th, ya’ll). It will be your new favorite place and here’s a blurry sampling of what’s tutu come:



in other news…

panda bears



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