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Happy 7th Day of Chronikkuh!

Woke this morning and made a rad breakfast and juiced a bunch of pears and apples and ginger. All in a coat and hat, of course, as the kitchen and house in general are FREEZING.

I had a magical week of fancy fun times, including (but not limited to): being introduced to Saul’s Deli over in Berkeley (it was so good I went two days in a row), Jonny One-Time’s return to the Bay Area, Home Alone 2, Karaoke at LoBot, Jewish Christmas Dinner at Chinatown in SF, 3 on 3 basketball games, skyping with my family in Nebraska, and some sweet chronikkuh jambones. I am looking forward to a few days of down time before awesome BOLINAS NEW YEAR!

Also, I lost my phone and was given a new fancy lady phone for Christmas, so send me your numbers.

Here’s something I found this morning on Fecal Face. For some reason I couldn’t post the video but this should take you straight to it: story from north america.

It’s actually sweet, because you can check out all the videos on Kirsten’s site.

Hope all’s well and hurry home, we miss you!


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Just Don’t


sometimes you just want to photoshop yourself into hanging out with bea arthur, angela lansbury, and elaine stritch. i think they would all be pretty serious about defending their ladyship.

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Hi, It’s Sarina. AKA DJ Don’t Tell Mom. AKA Puff Yea.

This is my new blog. Brawg. It’s for music and magic and cool stuff for us to share.

Like this gem here:

This, people, is how I want you to feel when you check out my page. Groovy. Movey, and downright STOKED.

So let’s give it a whirl. Thanks for checking me out.



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